Fixed-Price, Packaged Professional Services – current


Version March 1, 2018

MobileIron and Customer have entered into one or more agreement(s) and, in some cases, statement(s) of work (“SOW”) relating to MobileIron’s products and professional services.  Capitalized terms not herein defined shall have the meaning set forth in the relevant agreement or SOW. With respect to professional services provided by MobileIron, the following terms and conditions shall apply.


  1. Unless otherwise set forth in the SOW or agreed in writing by MobileIron and Customer, MobileIron shall deliver Services remotely and during Business Hours (defined below) only. “Business Hours” means 9 am-5 pm (in the applicable Customer local time zone), Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).  
  2. MobileIron’s obligation to deliver the professional services under this SOW shall be deemed to have been fulfilled upon the earliest of : (1) completion of all Milestones and deliverables set forth in the Scope section of the offering description; (2) one hundred eighty (180) days after execution of the relevant order (“SOW Term”); (3) Customer fails to respond to MobileIron’s written request to schedule the Services within two weeks of such request or fails to contact MobileIron to schedule the professional services within ninety (90) days after the execution of the relevant order; or (4) Customer fails to complete the pre-requisite tasks or fails make itself available for delivery of the Services during the SOW Term.


  1. Travel, Lodging, and Meal Expenses: If travel is required, Customer will reimburse MobileIron (directly or through the authorized reseller) for all actual and reasonable expenses incurred by MobileIron. Upon Customer’s request, MobileIron will provide documentation evidencing such expenses (e.g., receipts). Expenses incurred do not require a purchase order for billing.
  2. Payment:  If Customer is purchasing through an authorized reseller, the payment terms will be determined between Customer and such authorized reseller.  If Customer is purchasing directly from MobileIron, the following payment terms shall apply.  All fees payable to MobileIron under the SOW shall be paid in U.S. dollars and are non-refundable.  Unless otherwise set forth in the SOW or agreed in writing by MobileIron and Customer, MobileIron shall invoice Customer for the full amount of Services fees at the time the order for Services is placed.  Customer shall pay all undisputed amounts within thirty (30) days of MobileIron’s invoice. All fees, expenses and other amounts payable to MobileIron do not include any sales, use, value added, withholding, excise or other applicable taxes, tariffs or duties, the payment of which is Customer’s sole responsibility (excluding any taxes based on MobileIron’s net income). Past due accounts shall be charged interest on a monthly basis, calculated at one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month of the unpaid balance or the maximum rate allowable by law.