The business case for mobile threat protection

Did you know that IT security professionals responded to research and said that mobile devices are the hardest enterprise asset to defend?1  Respondents also said:


85% face a moderate risk from mobile security threats, 76% of users know “little” about mobile threats, 34% completely rely on machine learning for automated security


Now is the time to get ahead of the dangers and make sure mobile threat defense can protect your data, ensure continuous user productivity, and uphold your reputation. In addition to these mobile security benefits, organizations have told us they need:

  • Seamless user adoption of mobile security in a single app
  • Visibility into mobile risks and intelligence
  • Simpler, more automated security

A recent Gartner report confirms that attacks against mobile devices and networks are on the rise — putting information security, productivity, and brand value at serious risk. Gartner also says there are proven and effective techniques such as mobile threat defense, application security, and unified endpoint management that can keep your organization safe.

That’s great news, but what do these technologies actually look like in the real world? Here are just a few examples of how our customers are stopping threats on their personal and company-owned mobile devices using MobileIron Threat Defense.

City of Stockholm

To provide services to 930,000 citizens in the City of Stockholm, the government securely manages mobile devices for its employees in virtually every sector of its jurisdiction, which increases work efficiencies. With more than 30,000 devices to protect, the city uses MobileIron Threat Defense to:

  • Provide automatic, 100% mobile security coverage across the entire mobile fleet.
  • Instantly detect unknown, zero-day attacks using behavior-based machine learning algorithms.
  • Ensure seamless and invisible security on any device, even without network connectivity.

US semiconductor manufacturer

A leading semiconductor manufacturer maintains a global workforce that relies on thousands of mobile devices. Because these devices are used to access highly sensitive corporate information on the network and through email, the company needed better visibility and protection against mobile threats. The company chose MobileIron Threat Defense to help:

  • Provide deeper visibility into specific security risks threatening their mobile devices.
  • Leverage threat forensics to determine the severity level of each threat and coordinate an appropriate response.
  • Support multi-OS and multi-language capabilities to accommodate a diverse global workforce.

UK property surveyor

One of the UK’s largest property surveying firms has helped shape some of the country’s biggest commercial, residential, and mixed-use development projects. Because the company’s mobile employees often need to connect through unsecured networks, such as public Wi-Fi (on building sites, shopping centers, etc.), the company needed to ensure that highly sensitive customer information could not be intercepted or compromised. That’s why this company chose MobileIron Threat Defense to:

  • Keep client information private on any device or network employees use for work, no matter where they are in the world.
  • Ensure 100% mobile security adoption from day one.
  • Simplify the migration of business processes to the cloud without putting mobile productivity or security at risk.


Each of these companies has discovered that when mobile security is implemented as part of a layered security strategy, mobile threat defense is a “win-win” for all involved. In zero-trust networks, device health and integrity must be ensured before the device is allowed to connect to the corporate network. With solutions like MobileIron Threat Defense you can keep your mobile apps and data safe (and sleep better at night).


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