The best of all worlds for iOS security

While the focus of security has historically lived within the enterprise, the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud computing has shifted that focus to endpoints. This blog discusses how MobileIron and Cisco are working together to bring the benefits of old-world security to the brave new world of iOS mobile endpoints.

Old-world security

Traditionally, endpoint security has been completely controlled and managed from the server.

In a server-based security model, policies and configurations are established on the server and then deployed to endpoints. Centrally managed servers concentrate all security-related traffic and apply controls as dictated by pre-established policy. However, a server-based model requires extensive planning to deploy and can be difficult to extend across mobile endpoints and cloud-based apps.

The brave new world

Securing modern endpoints, especially mobile devices, in a server-based model has proven to be challenging for several reasons:

  • Mobile endpoint capabilities are continuously evolving in terms of performance and features, which increases management complexity.
  • Cloud computing is now a firmly established platform and security models vary across cloud services
  • The advent of edge computing moves data further from centralized networks and requires a security strategy for non-traditional devices emerging in the IoT landscape.


For enterprises, the widespread adoption of endpoints running Apple iOS now requires corporate data to be securely  managed, whether it’s at rest on the device or in motion.

Given the increasing complexity of a mobile and cloud environment, the urgency of finding a robust model for securing and managing mobile endpoints is clear. Going forward, key components of security must be deployed at the endpoints.

Creating a hybrid world

To address these new security needs, MobileIron and Cisco have partnered to deliver best-in-class endpoint-based solutions that ensure uncompromised security for the newest iOS apps and devices while providing a simple, seamless user experience.

As part of this partnership, MobileIron now offers an integration with our unified endpoint management (UEM) platform that allows customers to deploy and configure Cisco’s Cloud Security Connector (CSC) app and increase iOS security capabilities.  

About Cisco Security Connector    

CSC provides unprecedented visibility and control for organization-owned iOS devices. CSC has two components to it:

  1. Cisco Clarity: Advanced malware protection for endpoints
  2. Cisco Umbrella: Secure Internet Gateway in the cloud                                            

These extensions on the device work collectively and cohesively to establish:  

  • Visibility into network and device traffic (Clarity)
  • App inventory for each device (Clarity)
  • Automatic blocking of phishing sites and reports identifying users who clicked on phishing links (Umbrella)
  • Blocking of connections to malicious domains to keep sensitive data protected (Umbrella)

About the Integration with MobileIron

Using Apple Configurator, placing devices into Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) mode poses challenges in managing and scaling deployment. With MobileIron, you can seamlessly onboard, configure, and manage all your iOS devices even in DEP mode and simultaneously ensure all security controls are enabled and applied. Additionally, MobileIron UEM will also manage the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and publish apps, including the CSC app. Mobileiron UEM will also help to configure the app on the device by pushing the mobileconfig file (a custom XML payload) that was provided by Cisco Umbrella and Clarity.

More Information

For more information on the MobileIron and CSC integration, join us on November 7 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time for our joint webinar: MobileIron plus Cisco: Mobilizing Network Security. We will be joined by members of Cisco’s CSC and Identity Services Engine (ISE) teams to discuss how to extend the best practices of network security to mobile endpoints and the cloud.

You can also visit the CSC listing on the MobileIron Marketplace. In the resources section, you can review the Integration Setup Guide to learn more.

And as always can contact us at  We’d love to hear from you!