Android: The Next Decade

In my personal mobile history museum at work, I’ve got the original box for the G1, the first AndroidTM phone available in the U.S. that was released a decade ago.

Over the last ten years, Android established a massive, global footprint with consumers across the world. The next ten years will be even more exciting for us, because now Android has the opportunity to catalyze transformation in the workplace as well.

Four GoogleTM initiatives set the foundation for this opportunity.

Two initiatives helped standardize a security and management model for Android:

  • Android Enterprise (then called Android for Work) launched four years ago to establish a common device and application management framework at the operating system layer along with fortification to security to allow companies to distribute and secure business services without compromising user privacy.
  • Google Play Protect launched in 2017 to intelligently scan apps at scale for malware.

Two additional initiatives focused on standardizing the IT experience:

  • Android Enterprise Recommended was launched in early 2018 for Android hardware manufacturers to make it simple for businesses to confidently select, deploy, and manage Android devices.
  • OEMConfig was introduced in late 2018 to enable device manufacturers to build unique features for the enterprise without requiring either IT to learn new hardware configuration processes or enterprise mobility management (EMM) providers to support custom APIs. (View webinar)

A fifth and new foundational Android initiative for the enterprise launches this week: Android Enterprise Recommended for EMMs.

This initiative extends the Android Enterprise recommended program to EMM providers, creating an elevated standard for management features, availability of Android expertise, and customer support validated by Google. 

MobileIron is a launch partner for Android Enterprise Recommended for EMMs. This recognition validates MobileIron's dedication to making our enterprise customers successful with Android and highlights the experience and features that we have brought to customers deploying complex mobile solutions with Android Enterprise.

The timing is perfect. There is a growing demand across MobileIron customers to leverage Android for both expanding their BYOD programs and deploying transformative workflow automation and field service projects.

For the past two years we have partnered with Google at MobileIron Live!, our global user conference, to train our customers on Android security, management, and application deployment. Our post-conference survey showed that over 60% of attendees were more likely to deploy Android as a result of what they learned at the conference, clearly illustrating the capabilities and demand across our customer base to leverage the power of Android.

Now it’s 2019. Android is mature. Google is committed to the enterprise. MobileIron customers are serious about mobile business transformation. Welcome to the next decade of Android!