Single sign-on is still one sign-on too many

Silicon Valley is famous for its visionaries.
Those who dream of what others can’t, or won’t dare to.
Those who seek out innovation where most are satisfied with the status quo.
Those who say, “What if?” instead of “Why bother?”

MobileIron is proud to be a recognized leader in that visionary culture. Our company was founded in 2007 with the belief that in the future, mobile devices would be the technological focal point of everyone’s individual universe. Today, we use mobile devices to manage nearly every aspect of our lives — both personal and professional — and MobileIron provides the platform of choice to secure all of it.

We accurately predicted — and helped shape — the previous waves of mobile transformation. Now, we’re defining what comes next.

Making mobile devices your identity – because single sign-on is still one sign-on too many

We are helping to create a world where your secure mobile device is your identity. With your mobile device as your identity, accessing any business app, device, or resource will require no more than a glance or the tap of your finger.

Getting beyond passwords

Passwords are widely used as a security mechanism, and yet, they are the weakest link in enterprise security. They are easily compromised and users hate them – so we’ve decided to get rid of them.

By making mobile devices your identity, we create a world free from the constant pains of password recovery and the threat of data breaches due to easily compromised credentials.

Zero sign-on:
It’s what we’ve all been waiting for

Company after company has made the promise of killing the password and not a single one has delivered. The closest we’ve come is single sign-on, but even that still requires a password.

Zero sign-on would mean the end of passwords. By making mobile devices your identity, we’ll have a world where anyone can have a seamless authentication experience anywhere on the planet, with just their phone. At the same time, you get the confidence of having the highest security for ALL devices, whether they’re managed by MobileIron, someone else — or not at all.

Imagine — No more passwords. No more resets. No more compromised credentials. No more getting locked out of your accounts. Isn’t it time enterprise security finally caught up with the mobile experience? Zero sign-on is what we’ve all been waiting for.


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