MobileIron Access PLUS Okta for better mobile-cloud security

As IT professionals in the modern world, we help our companies make the most of mobile and cloud technologies. We enable employees to work anywhere, at any time, and be more productive than ever before. But for many of us, the rapid adoption of modern technologies has outpaced our ability to fully secure digital information. How do you know if you’re doing enough to properly secure information in the modern world?

According to CSO Online, today’s IT security organizations are “up against a growing threat landscape, a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals, and non-technical employees who lack awareness of cybersecurity best practices.” This means most of us need to do more (a lot more) to protect mobile and cloud data, because when it comes to enterprise security, “good enough” is never enough.
We need a new approach to protecting mobile and cloud data — one that helps keep information secure amidst all the complexity of modern enterprise computing. This new approach must be:

  • Simple, so your non-technical employees (and the tech-savvy ones too) don’t have to jump through security hoops to access business data, apps, and clouds
  • Smart, so it can instantly understand and adapt policies to the user’s context (i.e. public Wi-Fi, device posture, etc.)
  • Scalable, so you don’t have to re-invent the security framework everytime you deploy a new app

Developing this new approach requires best-in-class solutions that support your top security requirements. Off-the-shelf security offerings just don’t cut it in the modern world.

How do you deploy simple and smart security for the enterprise cloud?
Start with the basics.

  1. Establish trust in the user’s identity. Go with a well recognized identity provider such as Okta.
  2. Establish trust in the user’s environment. Choose MobileIron Access to only allow connections to business services from authorized devices, apps, services, networks, and more.
  3. Correlate user trust with environment trust. Read on to learn how.

MobileIron Access is built on industry-standard protocols. That means we easily integrate with other industry-leading solutions like Okta. Because Okta is fully integrated with the MobileIron Access trust engine, you can easily confirm that the user is connecting to business systems from trusted devices, apps, services, networks, and more.

By combining MobileIron’s best-in-class mobile-cloud security platform with a solution like Okta, you get security that’s:

  • Simple: Passwordless SSO capabilities provided by MobileIron Access give users a native and intuitive sign-on experience on mobile.
  • Smart: You can easily deploy an adaptive security framework that’s aware of users and their operating environment.
  • Scalable: Okta’s 5,500+ integrations can secure almost any cloud service, including Microsoft Office 365.

If you already have Okta and MobileIron, learn how you can easily integrate the platforms today to improve security and the user experience — without overhauling your IT infrastructure.