What can my employer see on my phone/tablet when MobileIron is installed?
The answer varies by mobile operating system and company policy, but on iOS, for example, employers could potentially see data such as carrier, country, device make and model, OS version, phone number, location, list of installed apps, and corporate email. But, even if they wanted to, employers could not see data such as personal email, voicemails, photos, videos, and web activity (unless that data is going through the corporate network). Texts are a different. On Android specifically, IT can relay SMS messages from the device to corporate email archival systems. In this scenario, your IT administrator responsible for MobileIron cannot view these messages, however your compliance or data security team would have access to these messages. Please check with your IT administrator for details on your company’s policies. If your company is using MobileIron’s Visual Privacy you have a list of what your company can see and what actions can be taken on your device.