MobileIron + Zebra Phones & Devices

Modernizing back-office operations


With MobileIron’s enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform, organizations can centralize the management of Zebra Technologies’ rugged, powerful, and easy-to-use Android-based mobile computers to drive unprecedented efficiency and productivity.

  • Error-free provisioning with Zebra StageNow

    Scan a barcode or tap an NFC tag to configure baseline device settings such as device language, Wi-Fi networks, EMM enrollment and so on.

  • Centralized management with MobileIron EMM

    Apply custom configurations and manage settings and policies on all your Zebra Android-based mobile computers using a single platform.

  • Zero-touch app lifecycle management

    Zero-touch distribution, updating and wiping of business apps from Zebra Android-based mobile computers using the MobileIron EMM console.

Zebra devices are used in a variety of industries