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MobileIron for AndroidTM is enabling organizations around the world to transform the way workers do business and the way they engage with customers. Organizations are assured a reliable platform, easy management, and always-on security for knowledge worker and task worker use cases. Google has made Android Enterprise a mature, enterprise-ready platform. Combined with MobileIron, organizations can secure and manage Android devices and manage the end-to-end lifecycle.

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Android use cases

Knowledge worker
Task worker

Some of the key features of the
MobileIron platform for Android Enterprise include:


Android Enterprise Recommended, a Google-led program, validates Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) product offerings that deliver advanced Android Enterprise features while providing business customers with trusted guidance to ensure a consistent, successful deployment. Android Enterprise Recommended EMMs stay current with the latest platform features through close collaboration and regular training from Google.

Android Enterprise Recommended
Android Enterprise Recommended

Android Updates

  • MobileIron Core: The latest updates for Android

    Google’s Android operating system powers a mobile workforce with comprehensive and innovative management, powerful security, and the broadest range of devices to fit any work style. Android Enterprise, along with MobileIron, provides a reliable platform, easy management, and comprehensive security for organizations  around the world to transform the way workers do business and the way they engage with customers for a competitive advantage.

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