Secure Access to the Cloud
Secure Access to the Cloud

Protect cloud data in a zero trust world

Smart and secure

Enable users to instantly access cloud resources through modern authentication solutions such as zero sign-on and multi-factor authentication (MFA) that eliminate the need to manage passwords.

How it works

Access Secures Productivity Apps, Salesforce Security, OneDrive Security

Zero sign-on

  • Make the mobile device the ID for the enterprise.
  • Seamless access eliminates the need for passwords.
  • Give users immediate access to productivity apps and content.
Multi Factor Authentication, MFA, MFA for mobile, MFA for Endpoints, Mobile Cloud Security by Mobileiron

Multi-factor authentication

  • Provide a remediation workflow that requires MFA if the user or device is out of compliance.
  • Allow users to use secure smartphones to verify their identity via push notifications.
  • Support easy setup through one-touch enrollment.
Cloud Security Solutions, Conditional Access by Mobileiron

Conditional access

  • Verify the security of the user, device, app, and network before granting cloud access.
  • Reduce the risk of data loss from cloud services.
  • Eliminate the threat of stolen passwords.

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