Accelerate secure app publishing

DevOps introduced greater automation and monitoring across the software development process. Now MobileIron and incapptic Connect make it easier with built-in security, automation, and accountability across the entire app development portfolio.

Centralize secrets management and storage

incapptic Connect not only simplifies, secures, and automates the app release process, it also helps to establish secrets management for mobile app development at scale. You can securely store and manage secrets all in one place instead of scattering them across development teams and toolchains.

  • Manage secrets for all your mobile app products including keystores for Android, distribution and push certificates for Apple iOS, and access credentials for UEM platforms, Apple Developer Portal, Apple App Store Connect, and Google Play Console.
  • Ensure seamless, secure access through role-based access control (RBAC) without disrupting automated workflows.
  • Prevent unauthorized users and bad actors from accessing secrets and putting your companies employees and customers at risk
Centralize secrets management and storage
Meet internal and third-party security requirements

Meet internal and third-party security requirements

A DevOps environment contains multiple tools, accounts, access control mechanisms, and various storage options that are accessed by secrets. That’s why you need an effective strategy to protect these secrets from hackers. You also have to meet third-party security requirements from platform vendors including the Apple Developer Portal, Apple App Store Connect, and Google Play Console.

  • Securely store secrets including iOS distribution certificates, provisioning profiles, UEM credentials, and Apple IDs.
  • Remove hard-coded secrets from continuous integration tools and source code.
  • Generate detailed audit reports that document who accessed and used managed secrets.

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes

IT teams use a wide range of app development tools and platforms, which not only adds time and effort to the app development process, it can also introduce security risks and errors due to copy/paste and other manual actions. In addition, certificate sharing can create security and compliance issues. In many organizations, the lack of a scalable and automated secrets management process can make it difficult to trace security breakdowns.

  • Our fully integrated and scalable secret management solution reduces unnecessary complexity.
  • Resolve potential conflicts between third-party requirements and internal policies.
  • Drive agility, accountability, and security across the entire app development lifecycle.
Eliminate time-consuming manual processes

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