iOS 7 MDM and Security

iOS 7 MDM and Security

Apple's iOS 7 was a tremendous advancement in mobile operating systems. It delivered a lot of new features for mobile device, application management and security. Using a mobile device management platform like MobileIron organizations can unleash its potential in the enterprise.

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MobileIron provides the enterprise mobile management (EMM) framework that enables iOS 7 advances to come to life. By configuring new capabilities such as Enterprise Single Sign On, Per App VPN, Open In Management, Managed App Configuration … (you get the idea, there are a lot of new capabilities) … in MobileIron, and then applying them to a device running iOS 7, you can begin to realize the full power of enterprise mobility. With MobileIron and iOS 7, your devices and content will be secure, and your employees will be productive.

Bottom Line: iOS 7 managed in a MobileIron environment can:

  1. Accelerate your adoption of mobile apps into the workplace.
  2. Rapidly improve your organization’s ability to manage and secure mobile devices.

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iOS 7 Mobile App Management Features

Mobile apps have proven to be a huge productivity booster for enterprise employees. Salespeople close business wherever they are, support professionals provide assistance wherever they are, and decisions are made and communicated in real time. But, while adoption of mobile apps in the enterprise has been growing, there have been several barriers that limited enterprise app development. These barriers included authenticating a user with an enterprise identity provider, establishing a secure connection to the enterprise data source, configuring apps at scale, and preventing data loss. Each process required manual configuration and maintenance that in turn required specialized skills.

But now, each of these capabilities are available at the OS level, and may be managed and enforced “automatically” by MobileIron. Now, MobileIron with iOS 7, removes the complexities around enterprise development and deployment of mobile apps to enable you realize the benefits of enterprise mobility.




iOS 7 Mobile Device Management Features

Apple has always focused on the end-user, creating a fantastic experience that is simple and intuitive. And while ease-of-use is important to the enterprise, security is also a critical concern. In the past, the security and management controls IT wanted had to be implemented manually on the device, a cumbersome process, or they were not possible at all. Now, with iOS 7, more of these device configurations for security and management can be provisioned directly using MobileIron. Users will find their devices just work, without complicated setup or calls to the help desk. And not only do the devices “just work”, but it will feel like magic as users roam to hot spots and conference rooms projecting their presentations and videos on screens throughout their organization. And with the additional management controls available, IT can confidently support iOS devices as essential business tools.

Device Enrollment Program

For organizations that purchase devices directly from Apple, the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) streamlines the process of enrolling devices with enterprise mobile management. This is done without pre-configuring the devices prior to handing devices to end-users. Administrators are now able to configure the devices easily over the air without being tethered. As part of the out-of-the-box device setup process, employees simply register the Apple device with their Apple ID to get enterprise configuration and instant access to corporate resources. The DEP program is currently only available in US and Canada.


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