BES Migration

BES Migration

As the next generation of smartphones and tablets enters the market, employees want the freedom to choose their own devices and use apps that meet their needs. Recommendations from Analysts that guide organizations to migrate off BlackBerry, are forcing IT departments to develop contingency plans for their existing BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) deployments.

Blackberry Migration; it's time to migrate



The MobileIron enterprise mobility management solution (EMM) helps customers integrate Android and iOS into a multi-OS environment, while controlling costs and protecting the organization’s data. We have worked with many customers who have migrated from BlackBerry-only environments to multi-OS deployments..




Step-by-Step Guide to Blackberry Migration


This guide is organized in three sections. Learn from an industry leading analyst firm WHY organizations have to support a multi-OS mobile environment. Learn HOW to transition from Blackberry’s NOC based security architecture. And finally, GO ahead, securely managing apps, content and devices with technical guidance from our Professional Services team.

Your Employees Have Chosen: It's not Blackberry
Tips for migrating from a BlackBerry-only environment

Case Studies: