Enterprise ready MDM and MAM for Samsung Android

Enterprise ready MDM and MAM for Samsung Android

Samsung KNOX delivers enterprise-grade security to address the mobile needs of IT while providing end users the freedom and choice they want. Combined with MobileIron’s enterprise mobility management platform, IT has a complete solution to configure, secure, and manage both end-use and corporate provided Android devices and applications.

Samsung KNOX consists of advanced security and management capabilities that provide additional checks and policies to ensure device integrity. MobileIron has partnered with Samsung enabling IT to confidently deploy Samsung KNOX enabled devices with an additional level of security and trust. Supported features include:

  1. Enhanced security at the hardware level provided by Trusted Boot
  2. Security Enhancements (SE) for Android
  3. TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA) to protect against malware and hacking.

In addition to supporting features that confirm device integrity , MobileIron also integrates with Samsung KNOX to provide app and data containerization helping organizations protect user privacy while securing business data. MobileIron supports two app containerization solutions on Samsung KNOX enabled devices allowing customers to choose an option that best meets their business requirements. App and data containerization solutions for Samsung KNOX enabled devices include:

1. AppConnect for Knox - With AppConnect for Samsung KNOX, customers have the opportunity to leverage the cross-platform AppConnect containerization solution in combination with the enhanced device security capabilities of Samsung KNOX.

AppConnect containerizes apps to protect app data-at-rest without touching personal data. Each app becomes a secure container whose data is encrypted, protected from unauthorized access, and removable. Because each user has multiple business apps, each app container is also connected to other secure app containers. This allows the sharing of policies like app single sign-on (SSO) and the sharing of data, such as documents. All individual app containers are connected to MobileIron for policy management.

AppConnect for KNOX is best suited for BYOD deployments and customers distributing secure mobile apps at scale with granular config and policy management capabilities.

2. Samsung KNOX Workspace - The Samsung KNOX Workspace is a security container that restricts applications and data that reside within it from being accessed by applications outside of the container. For example, documents stored in the Samsung KNOX Workspace cannot be viewed in editing apps that are not within the container.

The KNOX Workspace includes a rich set of policies for authentication, data security, per-app VPN, email, application distribution, and control over information exchange between the container and the rest of the device. All of these processes are managed through the MobileIron EMM platform.

KNOX Workspace is ideal for customers who have standardized mobile deployments on KNOX-enabled Samsung devices and primarily rely on Google Play apps with the need for app specific configuration or policy.

Samsung KNOX is an secure choice for companies who want to standardize on an Android solution that gives users the flexibility and functionality they have come to expect, while providing IT managers control of mobile devices, applications and content.

Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment

Support of Samsung’s KNOX Mobile Enrollment solution enables a simple and efficient way to securely enroll large numbers of Samsung devices into MobileIron's EMM platform. Bulk enrollment, auto re-enrollment, automatic installation/activation, and NFC enrollment of devices are several key features of this solution. KNOX Mobile Enrollment ensures that devices purchased by the customer are automatically enrolled and managed by MobileIron, therefor reducing support and deployment costs.