Mobile devices are everywhere, but all too often lack adequate protection against cyberthreats. In addition, many users are simply unaware of the potential harm that can result from simple actions such as accessing unsecured Wi-Fi, downloading an app from a questionable app store, or clicking on a link that appears to be legitimate. That’s why hackers are increasingly targeting mobile devices to carry out their attacks — because they are easy targets. MobileIron Threat Defense (MTD) helps protect against threats that target devices through public Wi-Fi and malicious links and apps. MTD remediates against known and zero-day threats on Android and iOS mobile devices, and requires no interaction from users to ensure 100% activation.

Main Types of Mobile Threats

Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks leverage social engineering (use of deception) to trick users into divulging personal information. For instance, the user might be tricked into clicking on a link and providing their personal login credentials. They may also be tricked into downloading malware or an exploit kit onto their device.

Device-level attacks

Device-level attacks are often launched via free app downloads, or in some cases, an SMS text message that launches malware as soon as the user opens it. Some successful exploits enable hackers to gain complete control over the user’s device, and even allow them to remove encrypted content.

Network-level attacks

Network-level attacks are typically launched via a rogue access point, for instance one coming from free Wi-Fi in a hotel, coffee shop, or airport. They are often used to launch a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack, which enables the bad actor to intercept communications between the device and the corporate network. In doing so, the attacker can quickly collect usernames, passwords, and confidential information that can then be used to later gain access to corporate resources.

Application-level attacks

Application-level attacks often occur when a user downloads and installs an app from an unsanctioned, third-party app store. Some apps are embedded with malware which can execute a device exploit that enables a hacker to penetrate internal networks to access and steal corporate data.

The Ideal Deployment, Detection and Remediation Solution to Defend Against Today’s Complex Attacks

Mobile attacks have become more creative, complex, and stealthy. That’s why it’s so important for organizations to understand the latest security threats and understand the impact to the entire organization. In addition, they must take the steps necessary to ensure protection against comprehensive attack vectors. MobileIron Threat Defense (MTD) supports a mobile-centric, zero trust security framework by ensuring 100% user activation through a single app that continually detects and remediates device, network, and app threats on the device itself. MTD works with or without Internet connectivity across iOS and Android devices.

  • Understand the latest security threats and the risk they pose to your entire organization.
  • Ensure that your network is well protected, and that you are taking the steps necessary to mitigate potential data loss.
  • Proactively protect against financial loss or brand damage that can result from a large data breach.
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.
Mobile threat detection (MTD) Solutions, Mobileiron MTD
MTD Remediation with Mobileiron UEM

Avoid Security Gaps by Ensuring Activation on All User Devices

Even after investing in mobile threat defense solutions, organizations are still faced with the challenge of successfully deploying them on all user devices. Most mobile threat detection solutions require the user to download, install, and activate the solution on their own. However, if even just one user fails to install the solution, their device is vulnerable to a possible breach.

  • Maintain clear visibility into the ongoing device, network, application, and phishing attacks that seek to infiltrate your infrastructure.
  • Easily determine which threats are potentially most dangerous to your organization so that you can prioritize and respond with a more aggressive and rapid response. Monitor and manage them lower-risk threats in a highly automated fashion.
  • Quickly generate detailed audit reports to meet compliance regulations such as HIPAA and PCI. Leverage detailed logging SIEM or syslog integration.
  • Admins are in complete control of MTD rollout and therefore can drive 100% activation on user devices. In addition, users can’t disable or remove MTD.

Improve Your Security Posture with multi-vectored Anti-phishing

MobileIron Threat Defense (MTD) includes multiple vectors of native on-device and cloud-based phishing protection to secure all internet-based traffic across iOS and Android devices in the Everywhere Enterprise—regardless of browser choice: corporate email, apps, in-app browsers, text/SMS, messenger apps, social and future modes of communication.

  • Deploy multi-vector phishing protection and remediation.
  • Achieve 100% user adoption.
  • You control the balance between security and user privacy.
Mobileiron MTD with Anti Phishing protection


100% user activation

Achieve 100% user activation with one app that is already built into the MobileIron client — no user action required to download, install, or update.

ntelligence about malicious threats

Detailed analyses of risky apps provide immediate and ongoing intelligence about malicious threats across all mobile devices.

machine learning algorithms

Detect known and zero-day mobile threats with machine learning algorithms on the device, and activate local remediation actions across iOS and Android devices.

visibility and awareness

Get greater visibility and awareness into device, OS, network, and application vulnerabilities and threats.


Identify all apps installed on the device.

Leverage analytics

Leverage analytics with detailed reports that include threat assessment score, explanation of risks, and security implications.

threat notifications

Configure on-device threat notifications.

compliance actions and threat notifications

Perform compliance actions and threat notifications on the device with or without Internet connectivity.

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