Mobile Device Management - MDM

Mobile Device Management - MDM

Mobile device management (MDM): The foundation for a secure mobile enterprise

MobileIron’s mobile device management (MDM) capabilities give you the fundamental visibility and IT controls needed to secure, manage, and monitor any corporate­ or employee­owned mobile device or desktop that accesses business critical data.

Simplify MDM device enrollment for users

Enable employees to quickly enroll their mobile devices and desktops in MDM through a seamless setup process as soon as they are powered on. Ease privacy concerns with clear, easy­-to­-read policy guidelines for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10.

  • A self­-service portal allows users to manage common tasks, such as adding or retiring devices, without IT assistance.
  • Visual privacy policy guidelines help employees understand how MDM protects personal information on their mobile devices and desktops.
Simplify MDM device enrollment for users

Reduce help desk calls with automated device setup

MDM software simplifies configuration and reduces help desk calls. Registered devices are automatically configured with corporate connectivity settings, email profiles, and device-specific restrictions with a few clicks.

  • Help users instantly connect over corporate Wi-­Fi and VPN profiles.
  • Provide secure access to business email with support for Exchange, POP, and IMAP account types.
  • Deploy required enterprise apps and make recommended apps available via an enterprise app store.
Reduce help desk calls with automated device setup

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Enterprise Mobility Management

Provide mobile access control and secure connectivity

MobileIron’s identity and access management capabilities give authorized users secure access to business resources without requiring them to re­enter passwords, manually establish VPN, or other disruptive tasks. IT benefits by maintaining complete visibility and control over devices that access sensitive corporate information.

  • Leverage existing identity stores such as Active Directory.
  • Prevent man­-in-­the­-middle exploits with certificate­ based authentication.
  • Simplify secure access to business data through per­-app VPN.
  • Block jailbroken or non­compliant devices from accessing corporate resources.

Mobile Security:
Threats and

Mobile security threats and countermeasures

Enforce security policies and monitor device compliance

Establish and enforce a consistent mobile device and desktop security framework using an intuitive policy engine. Granular policy settings and compliance configurations allow you to adapt security to match your specific business requirements.

  • Enforce device passcodes settings.
  • Protect data with device encryption and data loss prevention settings.
  • Quarantine or selectively wipe business data from non­-compliant devices.
  • Meet regulatory guidelines defined by PCI, HIPAA, and CJIS.
Enforce security policies and monitor device compliance

Simplify and accelerate business processes with a mobile-­aware IT infrastructure

Transform your existing IT infrastructure to support a mobile-­aware enterprise. MobileIron EMM simplifies mobile management by integrating with other IT systems such as corporate directories (Active Directory/ LDAP), IT service management software, and network access control (NAC) systems.

  • Prevent unregistered devices from accessing resources over corporate Wi-­Fi networks by integrating MDM with NAC.
  • Streamline IT asset management by integrating MDM with ServiceNow.
  • Consolidate enterprise-wide IT systems reporting via the Splunk Forwarder and MobileIron App for Splunk Enterprise.
Simplify and accelerate business processes with a mobile­aware IT infrastructure
We have experienced faster access to key data as a result of mobilizing employees. At the same time, I am confident that we have the security and policies in place to protect vital corporate information.