MobileIron for
GDPR readiness

In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018. GDPR brings the European Union (EU) under one comprehensive and unified legal system for data protection and privacy, requiring organizations to rethink how they secure personal data.

Since mobile devices and apps are commonly used for business around the world, organizations need to adopt state-of-the-art security solutions to protect privacy on any mobile device or app.

MobileIron can help organizations accelerate GDPR readiness by ensuring mobile devices and apps are properly configured and secured to reduce the risk of data loss.


Mobile GDPR checklist: Are you ready?

Every enterprise should assess its mobile security framework to support GDPR compliance. Here is a starting point for deploying EMM as part of a GDPR-compliant security program:

  • 1

    Manage all mobile devices. Every mobile device that has access to business data should be under management. Unmanaged mobile devices lack a reasonable level of data security especially when lost or compromised.

  • 2


    Keep devices and apps up to date. Leverage configuration profiles to enforce the latest policies for passwords, data encryption, device security, connectivity, apps, and other relevant business enablement functions.


  • 3


    Secure all business apps. Distribute all business apps as managed apps through an enterprise app store so that they can operate within an enterprise-controlled security framework.


  • 4


    Containerize business data. Enforce appropriate data loss prevention (DLP) policies for the protection of app data on the device and prevent sharing of data with unauthorized apps and services on the devices.


  • 5


    Implement contextual access control. Enforce trusted access for all business services. Block access from unauthorized, unmanaged, or noncompliant devices, apps, and users. Do not allow confidential data to be stored on a device outside the visibility and control of the enterprise.


  • 6


    Establish transparent communications. Clearly communicate privacy and security policies to employees on a regular basis.


  • 7


    Audit and monitor compliance regularly. Collect appropriate inventory, usage, and audit logs to support a quick-response process for breach.


Deploying MobileIron for GDPR is easier than you think

GDPR compliance readiness, identify security gaps, and design and implement a remediation and ongoing compliance monitoring program for your mobile devices and apps. MobileIron’s GDPR Mobile Readiness Services include:


    Design a customer-specific EMM policy to support GDPR.



    Assess current deployment and configuration policies.


  • Recommend modifications to address gaps between compliant state and current state.

  • Provide policy compliance documentation.

  • Build an ongoing compliance monitoring program.