MobileIron Q4 Mobile Security and Risk Review

MobileIron Q4 Mobile Security and Risk Review

Presented by: Mike Raggo | Director of Security Research, MobileIron

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 15 at 10am PT 

Join Mike Raggo, Director of MobileIron Security Labs (MISL), for a discussion of MISL’s first research publication The Q4 Mobile Security and Risk Review. This report discusses a distinct set of threats and risks, including compliance failures, compromised devices, and data loss risks, not covered in other security reports.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and MISL’s research found a number of areas of risk, including:

  • Compromised devices increased 42% over the quarter
  • Less than 10% of enterprises are enforcing patching leaving the device vulnerable to data loss
  • 22% of enterprises had users who had removed the PIN eliminating the first line of defense
  • More than 95% of enterprises have no protection against mobile malware

The webinar will conclude with recommendations for how to fortify mobile enterprise deployments.