MobileIron Threat Defense: Detect and remediate against mobile phishing attacks

Phishing attacks directed at mobile devices are rising some 85 percent per year. Innovative phishing attacks now simulate mobile browser information, including animations, for popular sites like Airbnb and Facebook, in a bid to capture vital information from unsuspecting users . According to Verizon, over 90% of breaches start with a phishing attack... and with more than 60% of emails being read on mobile, mobile phishing is a major issue.

Aside from the sheer volume of mobile users available as targets, cybercriminals find mobile users to be particularly enticing. The reasons for this all comes down to, as Verizon also observed in their annual data breach report, one basic fact: Mobile technology lends itself to phishing in ways that traditional desktop technologies do not.

Detect and remediate against mobile phishing attacks

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