Webinar featuring Forrester: Avoiding the achilles heel of Cloud services adoption

Are cloud services such as Office 365 driving the productivity and engagement you intended?

Deploying cloud services doesn’t mean your employees will adopt them to their full potential. Your goal is to improve employee productivity, experience, and engagement – but how do you make sure that happens? 
To drive true employee engagement of cloud services such as Office 365, IT leaders must deploy new capabilities, not just technologies.
Join our guest, Forrester Analyst David Johnson and MobileIron Chief Strategy Officer Ojas Rege for a 45-minute webinar in which they will provide practical guidance, based on extensive Forrester research, on:

  • What traps are inhibiting cloud service adoption and employee engagement?
  • What metrics should IT leadership put in place to drive the right behavior for deployment and operations?
  • How can IT design a practical, concrete plan to increase adoption, collaboration and productivity, without compromising security?

This session is best suited to CIOs and IT leadership tasked with creating modern workforce computing experiences.

David Johnson is Principal Analyst at Forrester. He serves decision-makers responsible for employee experience and workforce productivity. He has one passion and one goal: helping companies create workplaces that engage people and enable them to do their best work. He is an expert in the way technology affects motivation and performance, and shapes their organizations’ employee experience. He speaks often about how organizations can use psychological and organizational behavior research to guide their technology strategy and set better priorities.

Ojas Rege is Chief Strategy Officer at MobileIron. He has built mobile products for 18 years and is co-inventor on eight mobility patents, including the enterprise app store and BYOD privacy. He coined the term “Mobile First” on TechCrunch in 2007, one week after the launch of the first iPhone, to represent a new model of personal and business computing

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