MobileIron + Wandera: Protect Your Mobile Fleet and Optimize Data Efficiency

As mobile data usage continues to rapidly climb, companies now more than ever are seeking ways to understand where and how their data is being used. An increasingly mobile-centric landscape also means that mobile users are exposing themselves to the next generation of security threats. 

Join MobileIron and Wandera to learn how these complementary technologies easily integrate to help your enterprise gain unrivaled protection against these threats, granular visibility into data usage and better management over your mobile estate. 

The webinar will cover:

  • An overview of the mobile threat landscape and a look at the security risks faced by your mobile workforce
  • A description of how Wandera’s advanced threat prevention technology works to protect devices
  • A review of the top apps and sites your employees visit on their mobile devices 
  • A discussion of true costs of non-business mobile usage
  • A presentation of best practices to prevent “bill shock” events and improve data efficiency

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