Mobile Devices Make it Way Too Easy for Hackers to Succeed. Fight Back!

MobileIron Webinar

Increasingly, hackers are targeting mobile devices as the vehicles in which to carry out their attacks. Why? Because mobile devices are everywhere and provide easy access to almost everything. And unfortunately, most have sub-par, if any security measures in place. Users are either unaware or simply choose to ignore the potentially destructive things they can unleash by connecting to free Wi-Fi, downloading apps from questionable sites, or casually clicking on a link they believe to be harmless. Join the webinar and demo to learn why MobileIron Threat Defense is your best bet for protecting and remediating against mobile threats:

  • Easily prioritize privacy and security risks
  • Ensure 100% adoption with zero user interaction required
  • Leverage machine learning to protect against device, network and app-level attacks
  • Identify and shut down phishing attacks before they cause damage
  • Remediate threats on-device - even when there is no connectivity

Fight back with MobileIron Threat Defense!

Original air date:      August 29, 2019
Time:      10 - 10:45am PST / 1 - 1:45pm EST
Duration:      45 Minutes - Overview / Demo / Q&A
Speakers:      Matt Law, Product Marketing Manager, MTD
Mirko Bulles , Technical Marketing Engineer, MTD