Mobile apps? Cloud services? Your data is at risk

How are you securing your company’s data once it goes mobile?

Because of mobile devices, employees are more productive than ever. They are accessing key business data on cloud services such as Office365, Box, Salesforce and Google drive. It’s great news for productivity, but requires you to re-think security.

Traditional security approaches are not enough. They rely on identity alone but ignore device and app state. And unlike on a browser, app sessions are persistent so your data might be at risk.

  • Do your employees access company information on devices other than their company issued phone? For example – might an employee pick up a spouse’s iPad and check his email?

  • Is username and password the only means of access control for cloud services? And, are your employees burdened by having to repeatedly enter credentials?

  • Are your employees editing, storing, or sharing documents from a variety of resources such as Box, Dropbox, SharePoint, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.?

All these instances introduce a whole new security challenge:  the mobile app-to-cloud risk. To ensure that only trusted users, on trusted devices, using trusted apps can access cloud services on mobile devices join us for this 30-minute webinar. Keep your business data safe while increasing employee productivity.

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