Complete Mobile Phishing Protection

Phishing attacks leverage deception to trick individuals into divulging personal information that can then be leveraged for fraudulent purposes. For instance, an individual might be tricked into clicking on a link and then providing their personal login credentials. Or, they might be tricked into downloading malware or an exploit kit onto their device. According to Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) 2020, phishing is the top form of social driven breaches. The vast majority of phishing attacks arrived via email, but attacks were also carried out via website, phone and SMS. And while the report identified credentials as being the most common attribute compromised in phishing attacks, other data types were targeted by hackers as well.

Key benefits of MobileIron's solution include:

  • 100% user adoption for anti-phishing
  • Deploy multi-vector phishing protection and remediation
  • Control the balance between security and user privacy
Complete Mobile Phishing Protection



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Complete Mobile Phishing Protection