Web@Work - A Mobile Data Security Solution

Web@Work - A Mobile Data Security Solution

The Web@Work enterprise mobile browser enables end users to access internal web resources quickly and easily, using familiar processes with minimal setup. The native and high-fidelity web browsing experience is preserved without sacrificing security, as Web@Work protects the data - both in rest and in motion - on the device.

Web@Work Features Include:

Secure data-in-motion

Enterprise web traffic is tunneled through MobileIron Sentry for secure transport and access control. To comply with the privacy laws required in some geographies, IT can enable split-tunnel configurations. This allows external websites to bypass Sentry and IT visibility.

Browser-exclusive tunnel

IT can limit user access to internal web resources users based on their group membership in the enterprise directory or other user and device characteristics. If the user or device falls out of compliance, the tunnel will be automatically blocked until the compliance issue is remediated. VPN is not required.

Containerized data-at-rest

Browser cache, cookies, history, and other website data are all encrypted and subject to wipe depending on device compliance.

DLP controls

‘Open In’ and Copy/Paste can be restricted to prevent corporate data leaking to unsecured applications.

User-based configuration

IT administrators can use the policies, users, roles, groups, and permissions already set in MobileIron to define and silently push Web@Work configuration, including unique browser "bookmarks," to internal corporate web resources based on the user's role in the organization.