Enable your workforce with secure remote connectivity

MobileIron Sentry, an intelligent security gateway, and MobileIron Tunnel, a secure VPN solution, allow you to quickly enable your remote workforce with secure connectivity to apps on premises and in the cloud. With these solutions, you can deploy conditional access, data encryption across all networks, and passwordless authentication today.

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Mobileiron Sentry, MobileIron Tunnel VPN
Mobileiron Sentry, MobileIron Tunnel VPN

MobileIron Sentry

Intelligent secure gateway that provides conditional access to on-premises apps and services

Allow remote workers to use any mobile device or PC to securely connect to your intranet, on-premises email, and on-premises apps with real-time security and without requiring them to jump through additional security hoops. MobileIron Sentry enforces access control policies to ensure that only managed and compliant devices with authorized apps can access your business information. Advanced traffic control capabilities allow you to define granular firewall-like rules to ensure that users can only connect to apps and services they are authorized to.

  • Certificate-based authentication allows for passwordless access and protection against man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Integration with the MobileIron unified endpoint management (UEM) solution prevents non-compliant, jailbroken, or otherwise compromised devices from connecting to the intranet.
  • Sentry is designed for high-volume performance and redundancy to meet the requirements of global organizations.

MobileIron Tunnel

Per-app or device-level VPN that provides data encryption across all mobile devices and PCs

MobileIron Tunnel protects network data with an innovative, multi-OS app VPN that supports iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows 10 devices. With Tunnel, IT administrators can effortlessly configure devices with identity certificates and VPN configurations, which enables seamless and secure enterprise access for the employee. Tunnel can be deployed on a per-app basis to ensure data from business apps is always encrypted and secure over all networks. In addition, data from personal apps is not visible to IT, which ensures that user privacy is always protected.

  • Per-app or device-level VPN connectivity can be enabled on all managed devices including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows 10.
  • Per-app VPN supports all in-house and public apps without requiring the use of SDKs or app wrappers.
  • On-demand VPN is automatically established without requiring any additional user interaction.

Benefits of Secure Connectivity

on-premises apps and intranet

Quickly enable secure mobile and remote access to your on-premises apps and intranet without having to redesign your data centers or overhaul firewall settings.

on demand VPN

Empower users with automatic, on-demand VPN and transparent certificate-based authentication so they can quickly access critical data without having to jump through security hurdles or manually launch VPNs connections.

Secure and encrypt business data across all networks

Secure and encrypt business data across all networks, including cellular and public Wi-Fi, with per-app or device-wide VPN. This supports all modern operating systems and device management frameworks including iOS and macOS device management, Android Enterprise, and Windows 10 modern management. In addition, granular conditional access policies block non-compliant devices and apps from connecting to business services.

protect in-house, third-party, and native OS applications

Instantly protect in-house, third-party, and native OS applications with on-demand VPNs without requiring any additional coding, SDKs, or app wrapping. This lets you deploy secure apps without any extra development or testing cycles.

Ensure user privacy

Ensure user privacy by preventing personal apps and network traffic from flowing over corporate networks. Per-app VPN ensures that only approved business apps can use corporate networks and all personal data including photos, social media, and SMS use non-corporate networks.

easy to deploy, scalable, redundant, and secure connectivity solution

Meet the growing needs of your business with an easy to deploy, scalable, redundant, and secure connectivity solution which allows you to protect data, ensure compliance, and keep users productive.

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