Stay productive and Secure with Email+

Email+ is the perfect solution for enterprises that want to enhance the security of PIM apps without making mobile users jump through hoops to access personal work content they use every day.

For every mobile user, staying productive requires secure access to critical apps such as email, contacts, and calendar. These personal information management (PIM) apps are some of the most commonly used apps in the enterprise, so IT must ensure that users can seamlessly and securely access them on any device, including Android and iOS. The ultimate goal is to prevent data loss while preserving the native app experience users expect.

Securely access email, contacts & calendar with MobileIron Email+

Deploy advanced PIM app security controls

Email+ enables enterprise IT to address common mobile security issues with capabilities that include:

Password-protected email

Password-protected email

Prevent unauthorized users from accessing email on a lost or stolen device.

Control email copy/paste functionality

Disable copy/paste controls

Mobile users can’t copy and paste content from corporate emails and distribute via social media or personal email.

Secure intranet access

Secure intranet access

Enable invisible and automatic intranet access through AppConnect, which can provide a secure connection through per-app VPN.

Separate work and personal content

Separation of work and personal content

Protect corporate data without putting the user’s private data at risk.

Prevention of data loss

Data loss prevention (DLP)

In addition to app-level passcode and copy/paste restrictions, protect against malware threats and block social media from extracting data out of native email, calendar, and contacts.

Control sharing of attachments

Attachment sharing controls

Block non-work applications from opening corporate email attachments.

Enable a secure PIM experience on any mobile device

MobileIron Email+ is a cross-platform, secure PIM application for iOS and Android. Enabled through MobileIron AppConnect, Email+ offers a single, consistent container and experience across iOS and Android. Email+ gives IT the security controls it needs, including government-grade encryption, certificate-based authentication, S/MIME, application-level encryption, and passcode enforcement. Together, these and other controls help IT confidently protect all business apps and data on any employee-owned device.

Just as important, Email+ ensures that PIM apps look and feel just like native apps but are fully configured and secured by MobileIron AppConnect. With features such as app-level authentication and separation of personal and work content, a user can ensure work email stays locked even while his kids play games on the device.


Unleash mobile productivity without sacrificing security

Email+ is the perfect solution for enterprises that want to enhance the security of PIM apps without making mobile users jump through hoops to access the personal and work content they use every day. Find out how Email+ can enhance the success and security of your BYOD program.

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