Drive Productivity through secure content management

The MobileIron Docs@Work app gives end users an intuitive way to access, annotate, share, and view documents from email, SharePoint, Office 365, Dropbox, and a variety of other on-premises and cloud repositories. Enterprise productivity depends almost entirely on having reliable access to content of all types, from customer accounts to healthcare records to financial transactions. Your IT admins can enforce data loss prevention (DLP) controls to prevent unauthorized distribution while allowing users to effortlessly download, edit, and share documents from their mobile devices—without compromising corporate data.

Securely access documents from email, Office365, Dropbox with MobileIron Docs@Work

Docs@Work Features

Secure content hub

Secure content hub

MobileIron Docs@Work creates a secure content hub on the mobile device for the end user to access and manage corporate documents. End users can securely view and store files on the device, which can also be selectively wiped if the device is ever lost or falls out of compliance.

Secured email attachments

Email attachment control

End users often prefer to use native email on their mobile devices, which can put files at risk of being shared with unauthorized users, apps, and cloud services. Together with the MobileIron Sentry intelligent gateway, Docs@Work offers the ability to secure email attachments without requiring a third-party email solution. Emails are scanned for attachments and then filtered. Open in can also be restricted to allow only Docs@ Work to open the attachment.

Centralized content repository access

Content repository access

Docs@Work enables secure access to SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Box, Dropbox, and other cloud-based content repositories. Mobile IT admins can configure and deploy corporate access policies to ensure users can securely access, view, edit, and download content to their mobile devices. IT can also centrally provision cloud access and pre-populate user names and directory paths for secure provisioning.

Automatic and seamless secure tunneling

Automatic and secure tunneling

Accessing content is secure and easy with single sign-on (SSO) and AppTunnel for Docs@Work. This enables users to seamlessly access enterprise content repositories behind the corporate firewall without a separate VPN.

Integrated document editing and uploading

Integrated document editing and uploading

Docs@Work makes it easy for users to edit and annotate documents downloaded from content repositories or saved from email attachments. Edited documents on the mobile device can be securely stored or shared with colleagues and re-uploaded to available repositories. Docs@Work also supports annotation for PDF and non-PDF document types.

Manage published content

Published sites

The published sites feature in Docs@Work allows content administrators to proactively push important content to a user’s device. Published content is securely stored, synchronized, and available for offline viewing. Administrators can choose which content or repository locations should be distributed based on a variety of device and user attributes, such as enterprise directory group membership.

Easy content syncing

Content synchronization

Users can easily synchronize recent and favorite documents across devices. For example, when a user logs into Docs@ Work from their iPhone and marks a document as a “favorite,” it is automatically synched across all other devices under management with Docs@Work. The document is also available for offline use as well.

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