Secure and Manage Macs with a Single Solution

Today, more organizations are supporting the use of Macs than ever before. And as use cases expand, securing Mac endpoints has become even more important. MobileIron supports desktop modernization initiatives by providing a single, unified point of security and management for Macs, as well as Android, iOS, and Windows 10 endpoints. By eliminating the requirement to purchase a separate solution specifically for Macs, organizations can reduce cost and complexity.

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A Centralized Console Reduces Complexity and Costs

MobileIron enables you to leverage a single policy engine to create and enforce policies across all user-owned and corporate-issued endpoints. In doing so, not only can you reduce costs and complexity, you can also offer an improved experience for Mac users and admins alike.

  • Simplify with a single point of security and management for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10.
  • Eliminate the requirement to purchase, learn, and administer a separate solution to secure and manage Macs.
  • Support all phases of the Mac lifecycle: provisioning, configuration, security & control, application deployment, monitoring & compliance, and end-of-life (decommissioning).

Support desktop modernization initiatives

As organizations compete to attract, hire, and retain top talent, the importance of choice computing initiatives has become more apparent. Today, new hires want to use the devices they feel will enable them to do their best possible work. And because of this, the freedom to choose technology is becoming more an expectation than differentiation.

  • Expand BYOD and CYOD programs to include Macs.
  • Ensure happy, productive users to minimize churn.
  • Enforce the levels of security and control required to welcome expanded use cases for Macs in the enterprise.
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Single Sign On (SSO) for MacOS, MFA for Macs, Zero Sign On Solutions for MacOS by MobileIron

Provide a great user experience

MobileIron helps you accelerate productivity by getting Mac users up and running in minutes. Instantly create and push configurations to Macs with no user action required. Support secure, flexible authentication options including ZSO or multi-factor authentication (MFA). Deliver the same intuitive MobileIron experience across all user devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Enable a seamless experience across all devices enrolled in MobileIron.

  • Accelerate productivity by getting users up and running in minutes.
  • Enable passwordless, zero sign-on to cloud services.
  • Support user productivity by enforcing a graduated series of compliance actions based upon the severity of the identified infraction.

Benefits of managing macOS with MobileIron


MobileIron UEM enables over-the-air provisioning for Macs via Apple Business Manager (ABM). This is a huge time-saver for admins and enables users to become productive in a flash! MobileIron also supports provisioning via web browser (iREG), in-app enrollment (via [email protected] client), and enrollment via Apple Configurator 2.


Create and push configurations to Macs. Use on-board Certificate Authority to ensure that Macs are configured with access to corporate Wi-Fi and VPN. Pair labels and device groups with restrictions to properly manage Macs. Create Office 365 accounts for Mac users.

Security & Control
Security & Control

Leverage robust policy creation and monitoring and improve visibility into Mac endpoints. Set restrictions required to gain the upper hand in the fight against data loss, such as passcode enforcement and encryption activation. Take a prescriptive set of compliance actions.

Application Deployment
Application Deployment

Leverage a full range of app distribution and lifecycle capabilities. Upload and distribute both in-house and public apps. Dictate app installation order to ensure a great user experience and reduce help desk calls. Prevent download of potentially malicious apps.

Monitoring & Compliance
Monitoring & Compliance

Create and enforce a consistent mobile device and desktop security framework using a single policy engine. Easily determine security posture for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10 endpoints. Adapt and update security policies as business requirements and regulations evolve.

End of Life
End of Life

Streamline end-of-life or decommissioning of Macs. Remotely wipe corporate apps, data, configurations, and restore to factory settings. And in BYOD scenarios, admins can selectively wipe only the corporate apps and data, while leaving the user’s personal apps and content intact.

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