MobileIron simplifies management of Zebra Android phone and rugged devices

We deliver the power of unified endpoint management (UEM) to help organizations simplify Zebra Android bulk device onboarding, configuration, and management with zero touch enrollment.

  • Mobileiron integrated with Zebra Technologies’ LifeGuard™ Over The Air (OTA) for Android™ security solution, provides robust security and management while enabling front-line workers with secure mobile productivity on their Zebra enterprise-class devices, in addition to managing all of your Zebra rugged devices.
  • With MobileIron, organizations can leverage capabilities like Shared Kiosk to improve productivity and decrease fatigue for workers who use Zebra devices for the duration of their shift.
  • MobileIron provides complete visibility across your entire mobile infrastructure, including any endpoint, use case, or remote worker — from the frontline to the back office.
  • MobileIron’s Help@Work application allows administrators to troubleshoot device issues with remote software, which helps to reduce support costs, improve device performance, and help frontline workers stay productive. MobileIron also enables remote troubleshooting even when the Zebra device is locked down in kiosk mode, with minimal user interaction.
  • Our UEM platform provides a seamless and native user experience during device onboarding enabling users to be productive sooner and the unified console reduces the complexity and costs of managing a fleet of Zebra Android devices.
Zebra Phone MDM Solutions by MobileIron UEM
Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) for Android Zebra Devices, MobileIron UEM

Comprehensive mobile threat defense for Zebra Android devices

Detect and remediate mobile threats such as device, network, app and phishing attacks, even when the Zebra device is offline. MobileIron Threat Defense (MTD) helps protect Zebra devices against Android threats and vulnerabilities with continuous protection against threats that exploit user behavior and security gaps.

  • MTD is built directly into the MobileIron UEM client to ensure seamless and continuous Zebra Android on-device protection. MobileIron Threat Defense (MTD) for Mobile Devices.
  • The single agent also ensures 100% user adoption.
  • Block mobile threats and stop attacks with policy-based compliance actions.
  • Detect anomalies in normal device behavior by leveraging statistical threat models, sandboxing, static code analysis and advanced behavioral analysis.
  • Allow the Android based Zebra device to on board corporate apps, content, configurations, and policies only if MTD does not detect any threats such as malicious apps.

Enable passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Zebra devices

Enable passwordless authentication by using both managed and unmanaged Zebra Android endpoints as the user ID and primary factor for authentication.

  • Substantially reduce the risk of password related breaches.
  • Support frictionless user authentication through zero sign-on (ZSO) and MFA.
  • Prevent unauthorized users, endpoints, apps, or services from connecting to enterprise cloud services by enforcing smart, risk-based policies using MobileIron’s zero-trust policy engine.
  • Track user authentication, violations, and failed login attempts using a single console to define all cloud and on-premises access policies.
  • Leverage and enhance your existing investments and user experience by integrating with AD/LDAP, IDPs, SIEMs, and other IT infrastructure.
Beyond Single Sign On (SSO) - Zero Sign On for Android Zebra Phones by MobileIron UEM

Discover how MobileIron customers stay secure in a perimeter-less world.