Move to the cloud with minimal business impact
Move to the cloud with minimal business impact

Choose modern mobile security

Enjoy full-service UEM in the cloud.

Chances are, you’re already using cloud-based apps and services. Now get all the benefits of on-demand scalability,
security, and availability by moving from on-prem UEM to MobileIron Cloud.

How it works


Migrate with minimal impact

  • Move between Core and Cloud without requiring users to re-register devices.
  • Keep devices registered, managed, and compliant during the entire migration.
  • Ensure full business continuity by leveraging MobileIron Professional Services expertise.

Enjoy on-demand scalability

  • Instantly scale your UEM deployment as business needs change.
  • Eliminate long hardware procurement planning cycles and costs.
  • Get automatic updates and access to new features as soon as they become available.

Realize ROI advantages

  • Minimize hardware costs by eliminating the need to maintain on-prem hardware.
  • Reduce your data center hardware footprint to virtually zero.
  • Reallocate IT resources from hardware maintenance to more strategic tasks..

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