MobileIron Monitor

MobileIron Monitor

MobileIron Monitor is a comprehensive, dashboard-based solution that allows IT and system administrators to maintain the health of all their mission-critical MobileIron EMM components and services. It allows administrators to proactively receive notifications about potential performance issues in the MobileIron Core infrastructure.


MobileIron Monitor Key Features


Provides high-level overview of the EMM solution and allows admins to view key performance indicators (KPIs) for individual MobileIron components in the environment, including Core, Sentry, and other related services.

MobileIron Monitor Overview Dashboard


Allows admins to view more in-depth information about several KPIs, including the CPU, disk usage, memory etc.

MobileIron Monitor Visualization Dashboard


Proactive notifications related to systems, certificates, infrastructure, and services so admins can take evasive actions before issues impact system or business productivity.

MobileIron Monitor Activity Alert Dashboard


Generate on-demand and scheduled reports that provides comprehensive updates on metrics such as overall CPU, memory, disk usage and more.

MobileIron Monitor Reports Dashboard

User Management

Allows admins to create and assign new user roles and contact lists easily.

MobileIron Monitor User Management

MobileIron Monitor provides all the capabilities needed to fully monitor MobileIron infrastructure and protect organizations from downtime or security gaps.


MobileIron Monitor Product Datasheet

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