MobileIron has acquired incapptic Connect, the leading provider of mobile app release automation software.

MobileIron + incapptic Connect
MobileIron + incapptic Connect


A complete app lifecycle solution

Together, MobileIron and incapptic Connect make it easy to develop, publish, and update secure mobile apps. We provide an automated app distribution model that integrates incapptic Connect with MobileIron UEM to provide a complete app lifecycle solution. Our integrated technologies streamline the app development process so new applications can be easily and quickly deployed to end users in just a few clicks. Development errors and bugs can be identified and fixed before being published to an app store, which reduces delays caused by app release rework. As a result, organizations can reduce app development costs while accelerating app deployment and business innovation.




Reduce costly
app errors

Minimize app errors and defects that can add costly cycles to the development process.



Automate app distribution and updates

Automatically validate, publish, and update apps through a self-service portal, which greatly simplifies the app distribution process.



Accelerate time
to productivity

Eliminate unnecessary development delays so business innovation can keep moving forward.


Automate app security
from the start

App development in the age of mobile is continuously accelerating to keep pace with business demand. To meet business goals, line of business managers need mobile apps to improve operations such as HR, finance, sales, and more. But while DevOps tools have made it possible to get new mobile apps out the door faster, many of these tools have not kept up with the need for built-in app security. 

The result? Many organizations simply bypass mobile app security in order to keep operations running. However, overlooking this critical step can make it harder to configure app security later. It also creates app vulnerabilities that can put the entire business at risk.


Mobile devices

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What did MobileIron announce today? 

    MobileIron has acquired incapptic Connect to accelerate the app release journey for enterprise customers.

  • What is incapptic Connect?  

    Founded in 2016, incapptic Connect is a leader in mobile automation app release software. incapptic Connect helps global brands establish effective control of app project portfolios, save countless labor hours and accelerate app time to market.

  • Why did MobileIron buy incapptic Connect? 

    At MobileIron, we have continued to innovate and expand upon our unified endpoint management (UEM) platform to keep up with the demands of today’s digital businesses. As companies grow their digital workplaces, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is increasing pressure for IT teams to develop and deliver customized apps in the shortest time possible to ensure productivity. incapptic Connect has built a great product that enables companies to efficiently develop and distribute customized business apps at scale. And by integrating incapptic Connect with MobileIron UEM, the app release process can be simplified even further.

  • How much did MobileIron pay for incapptic Connect? 

    $6 million USD.

  • What is the benefit to incapptic Connect’s and MobileIron’s customers? 

    Together, MobileIron and incapptic Connect support an automated app distribution model. incapptic Connect software automatically validates that an app meets the necessary requirements for publishing to either a public or in-house app store. incapptic Connect then automates the publishing process. Once the app is published, MobileIron UEM automatically distributes it to managed devices and updates it to ensure that users are always operating on the most secure and up to date version.

  • How will the deal impact MobileIron’s customers? What differences will they see? 

    There’s no change to how MobileIron customers will be supported as a result of this transaction. Customers who would like to add incapptic Connect should contact their MobileIron Sales Executive.

  • How will the deal impact incapptic Connect’s customers? Will incapptic Connect continue to support other UEM platforms, such as Microsoft Intune and VMware Workspace ONE? 

    All incapptic Connect customers will continue to be served as usual. While MobileIron will be working to create the best experience for MobileIron UEM customers, incapptic Connect will continue to support other UEM platforms, including Microsoft Intune and VMware Workspace ONE.

  • Why is this acquisition beneficial for MobileIron in the long run? 

    Companies increasingly turn to in-house software development to transform their work processes and deliver great employee experiences – both to differentiate, and to maintain their competitiveness. The success of those efforts is tied to their ability to quickly, easily, and securely build and distribute applications to their users. With incapptic Connect, MobileIron can uniquely help enterprises with these growing needs.

  • When can customers or partners buy incapptic Connect through MobileIron?  

    MobileIron has already integrated its UEM platform with incapptic Connect software to help customers quickly develop, deploy and update in-house business apps. The joint solution is available today.



This FAQ contains forward-looking statements that are subject to change.

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