MobileIron Packages

MobileIron is the mobile-centric security platform for the Everywhere Enterprise. Using the MobileIron platform, enterprises enable their users to work from anywhere, while ensuring corporate data is secure on any device, application or network. Additional layered security capabilities such as passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) and mobile threat defense (MTD) including anti-phishing protection ensure organizations are continuously protected against identity thefts and targeted mobile device attacks. Browse through the bundles and pick the one that is right for your organization.
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UEM Packages

MobileIron UEM, the product for modern device security and management is available in two bundles. Select the UEM package that best suits your needs.

MobileIron Base Package

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

The product for modern device security and management.

Secure UEM

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Secure UEM Premium

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Device management and security

Easy on-boarding  

Leverage services such as Apple Business Manager (ABM), Google Zero-Touch Enrollment and Windows AutoPilot to provide users with automated device enrollment.


Multi-OS security and management  

Secure and manage endpoints running Apple’s iOS, macOS, iPadOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating systems. Available on-premises and as a cloud service.


Secure email gateway  

MobileIron Sentry, an in-line gateway that manages, encrypts, and secures traffic between the mobile endpoint and back-end enterprise systems.


App distribution and configuration  

[email protected], an enterprise app storefront, combined with Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) facilitates the secure distribution of mobile apps. In addition, capabilities such as iOS Managed Apps and Android Enterprise allow for easy configuration of app-level settings and security policies.


Mobile application management (MAM)  

Secure business apps with MobileIron AppStation on contractor and employee devices without requiring device management.


Scale IT operations

Helpdesk tools  

[email protected] lets IT remotely view and control a users’ screen, with the user’s permission, to help troubleshoot and solve issues efficiently.



Gain in-depth visibility and control across all managed devices via custom reports and automated remediation actions.


Secure connectivity

Per app VPN  

MobileIron Tunnel is a multi-OS VPN solution that allows organizations to authorize specific mobile apps to access corporate resources behind the firewall without requiring any user interaction.


Conditional Access  

Combine various signals such as user, device, app, network, geographic region, and more to provide adaptive access control.


Secure productivity

Secure email and personal information management (PIM) app  

MobileIron Email+ is a cross-platform, secure PIM application for iOS and Android. Security controls include government-grade encryption, certificate based authentication, S/MIME, application-level encryption, and passcode enforcement.


Secure web browsing  

[email protected] enables secure web browsing by protecting both data-in-motion and data-at-rest. Custom bookmarks and secure tunneling ensure that users have quick and safe access to business information.


Secure content collaboration  

[email protected] allows users to access, create, edit, markup, and share content securely from repositories such as SharePoint, Box, Google Drive and more.


Mobile app containerization  

Deploy the AppConnect SDK or app wrapper to provide an additional layer of security for your in-house mobile apps or choose from our ecosystem of AppConnect integrated apps.


Derived Credentials  

Support two-factor authentication using common access cards (CAC) and personal identity verification (PIV).


Zero Sign-On

Passwordless user authentication (single app)  

Get started with zero sign-on passwordless multi-factor authentication using device-as-identity for a single cloud or on-premises application.



MobileIron ADD-ON

MobileIron incapptic Connect

Reduce app development costs and accelerate deployments with a simpler and more efficient workflows for secure app development, publishing, and updates.

incapptic Connect

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Publish your custom apps in record time

Self-service portal for custom app deployment  

Automate signing, resigning, provisioning profile updates, and deployment of new Android and iOS app features with just a click.


App store compatibility  

Compatible with MobileIron UEM, VMware Workspace ONE, Microsoft Intune, Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


IP and asset protection  

Roles based separation of access, secured data in motion & data at rest, incl. protection of your credentials, distribution certificates, and provisioning profiles.


MobileIron ADD-ON

MobileIron Threat Defense (MTD)

We’ve embedded mobile threat detection and remediation capabilities into our UEM apps to make deployment, detection, and remediation easier and more effective.

*Requires purchase of Secure UEM or Secure UEM Premium bundles. No additional software to install.

MTD Premium*

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Threat detection  

Protect against known and zero-day threats and active attacks with sophisticated machine learning and behavior-based detection on the mobile endpoint.


Threat remediation  

Limit time of exposure for possible exploitation and stop zero-day attacks with policy-based compliance actions that provide alerts of risky behaviors, proactively shuts down attacks on the endpoint with or without network connectivity.


Advanced app analytics  

Continually evaluate mobile apps risks to identify privacy and security risks.


MobileIron ADD-ON

MobileIron Zero Sign-On (ZSO)

For organizations who want to eliminate passwords to reduce the risk of data breaches.

† Requires purchase of Secure UEM Premium bundle.

Adaptive security and conditional access for any cloud service or in-house apps

Passwordless user authentication  

Passwordless multi-factor authentication using device-as-identity to protect against credential theft. Supports authentication from iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows 10 devices.


Stroger authentication factors  

Replace passwords with stronger authentication factors including biometrics, authenticator apps, push notifications, one-time PINs (OTP), and QRcodes.


Conditional access  

Integration with Secure UEM Premium allows for conditional access based on signals such as user, device, app, network, and location.


Intuitive user experience  

Customizable access and remediation workflows to enable users to self-remediate without requiring assistance from the IT helpdesk.


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