MOBILEIRON, INC. Hardware Terms and Conditions



  1. Hardware Delivery. MobileIron shall deliver all purchased hardware to Customer EXW (Incoterms 2010) through a carrier agent designated by MobileIron (unless a different carrier agent is designated by Customer and accepted by MobileIron). Title and risk of loss shall pass from MobileIron to Customer upon delivery of the hardware to such carrier agent. Customer shall pay all freight, insurance, and other shipping-related expenses associated with purchases of hardware.
  2. Hardware Warranty. For the applicable warranty period identified in the applicable price list (or twelve (12) months if not identified in such price list) as measured from the date of MobileIron’s shipment of the hardware (as provided on the packaging material in which such hardware is shipped), MobileIron represents and warrants to Customer that such hardware shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy and the entire liability of MobileIron for MobileIron’s breach of this warranty will be for MobileIron, at its option, to repair or replace such hardware, provided Customer complies with the RMA Procedures (defined below). Any hardware or replacement parts used may be new or reconditioned/refurbished.
  3. Return Material Authorization Procedures (“RMA Procedures”). Customer shall report suspected defects in the hardware to MobileIron through MobileIron’s Support Portal or support telephone helpline during the applicable warranty period. If the parties determine that the hardware fails to meet the warranty specified above: (a) MobileIron shall issue Customer a RMA number, (b) Customer shall ship such hardware to the address specified by MobileIron, freight prepaid, at MobileIron’s cost and expense, (c) and MobileIron shall ship Customer repaired or replacement hardware, freight prepaid, at MobileIron’s cost and expense. For the avoidance of doubt, in order for MobileIron to ship replacement hardware, Customer must report the suspected defect, MobileIron must confirm that the hardware has failed to meet the warranty, and MobileIron must issue Customer a RMA number by 1:00 pm Pacific time during MobileIron’s business hours on that same day. If the RMA number is not issued by 1:00 pm Pacific time, MobileIron will ship the replacement hardware the next business day. Business hours are 9 am-5 pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). If Customer fails to return the defective hardware to MobileIron within thirty (30) days of the date MobileIron issues Customer a RMA number, MobileIron may invoice Customer for the replacement hardware at MobileIron’s then-current list price. Any returned defective hardware shall be MobileIron’s property once MobileIron delivers replacement hardware to Customer.