MobileIron protects critical mobile apps and data for first responders

Public safety agencies, such as police and fire departments, provide some of the most critical services in every community around the world. Their jobs depend heavily on access to secure and reliable communications in emergency situations, which is why many of these organizations are migrating to modern mobile devices and applications. Secure mobility not only enables first responders to act quickly and effectively during a crisis, it also enables them to work more productively on more routine, non-emergency tasks.

MobileIron and our partner ecosystem provide the secure infrastructure that keeps all of these devices, apps, and data safe and available to first responders at all times. No matter where they work, from the largest cities to the smallest towns, we are committed to helping public safety agencies ensure the best possible outcomes using modern tools wherever and whenever they need them.


UEM solutions for Law Enforcement officers & Police, MobileIron UEM

Law enforcement officers

  • Improve response times with secure mobile information sharing.
  • Increase situational awareness through access to multiple apps and networks.
  • Support mobile access to real-time audio and video feeds.
  • Reduces agency costs and improves the user experience by securely enabling BYOD.


UEM Solutions for Fire Departments & Firemen

Fire departments

  • Use computer aided dispatching, mapping, and imaging tools to assess the scene and coordinate strategy.
  • Quickly access hazardous materials information from mobile devices.
  • Ensure confidential patient care reporting between the scene and medical facility.
  • Access weather and traffic data to better coordinate response efforts.  
  • Track personnel to ensure safe access to resources and escape routes. 
  • Separate personal and work data on employee-owned devices. 


UEM Solutions for Emergency medical services & ambulance EMTs

Emergency medical services

  • Access diagnostic tools to make more informed medical decisions. 
  • Deploy mapping applications to help responders quickly locate the scene.
  • Securely exchange patient information with emergency rooms.
  • Share real-time audio/video feeds with hospitals and physicians while on the scene and during transport.


UEM Solutions for emergency management agencies by MobileIron

Emergency management

  • Enable seamless communications between multiple agencies across multiple devices.
  • Deploy collaboration tools that help agencies proactively plan for future incident response. 
  • Configure and update apps and policies on single-use or kiosk devices to field workers. 
  • Build more agile and responsive agencies that can quickly respond during crisis situations. 


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