Mobility is revolutionizing the quality and delivery of patient care. Clinicians and care providers are increasingly adopting mobile devices, switching from device to device, depending on the task and location. The shift towards mobile devices has not only improved clinician workflow and quality of care, it has also improved the work-life balance and performance of clinicians. MobileIron enables healthcare organizations to support this increasingly mobile clinical workforce. With MobileIron, healthcare organizations can securely enable clinician mobility, while ensuring that patient data is secure and in compliance with all healthcare regulations. MobileIron helps hospitals increase patient engagement, improve patient outcomes, and create a truly Mobile Health Enterprise.

Mobile clinicians secure patient data and improve patient care

Enable clinician mobility

Healthcare is going mobile. The introduction of tablets and handheld systems fundamentally changed the clinical point of care infrastructure. Clinicians are increasingly adopting mobile devices to access patient data within and outside the hospital network. Doctors and nurses are increasingly using mobile devices bedside as CPOE devices. MobileIron's solutions for healthcare enable:

  • Improved clinical workflows
  • Secure access to PHI from any device
  • Support for shared devices on hospital floors
  • Support for all mobile operating systems
UEM for Medical & Healthcare Workers - MobileIron
MobileIron UEM secures patient data & health information to support HIPAA regulations

Secure patient health information

Adoption of mobility has not only improved clinician workflow and resulted in better patient outcomes, it has also decreased the potential of a security threat. Many regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, etc., govern how patient data and protected health information is accessed and used. HIPAA specifically requires hospitals and other entities to ensure patient privacy and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all electronic protected health information the covered entity creates, receives, maintains or transmits.  MobileIron helps hospitals:

  • Manage and secure data on any device, ensuring patient privacy
  • Securely adopt and support any cloud storage solution preferred by clinicians
  • Support activity tracking and compliance tools to ensure that hospitals not simply create controls, but also stay in compliance and help in the audit process.

Increase patient engagement

Hospitals are starting to adopt tablets and other mobile devices to improve patient engagement. For example, they are using tablets to educate patients on various healthcare programs, including surgery preparation and planning for post-surgery care. In addition, hospitals are employing mobile applications to improve retention rates in clinical trials and improve adherence to remote therapy. MobileIron, with its containerized approach to delivering applications across multiple mobile OS vendors, helps hospitals deliver customized applications to pharmaceutical trial participants, as well as improve patient engagement in hospital surveys.

Secure data and messaging will increase patient engagement, MobileIron UEM
Enable a mobile health enterprise

Enable a mobile health enterprise

The introduction of EHR and EMR, as well as increasing compliance requirements, are forcing many smaller hospitals and care givers to join forces with larger providers. In addition, the Affordable Care Act and increases in the Medicare population are accelerating consolidation in the industry. This consolidation is leading to creation of a mobile health enterprise, which extends beyond the physical boundaries of a hospital to a network of hospitals in which clinicians might be affiliated with multiple provider networks. MobileIron helps healthcare organizations deliver mHealth applications seamlessly to affiliated clinicians in order to securely integrate them into the hospital network. With secure containers to help accelerate the integration of acquired hospitals, clinicians can be on-boarded faster by providing all clinical applications, including EMR, EHR, etc., on their mobile devices. By partnering with MobileIron, hospitals are building a true mobile health enterprise that focuses on improving clinician workflow and patient outcomes.