Secure mobility for government agencies

Mobility plays an increasingly important role in today’s government agencies. The DoD Mobile Device Strategy outlines a vision that calls for a highly mobile workforce equipped with secure access to information and computing power anywhere at anytime for greater mission effectiveness.

Mobility has become an expectation in the federal government. To empower the mobile workforce, government agencies are moving toward mobile computing, which helps them shift work to the optimal location, time and resource. As workplace mobility increases, many agency employees are now using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to complete their work.

Secure agency devices

Federal employees, with their pervasive use of mobile devices to access agency resources and information anytime and anywhere, are causing a radical shift in agency attitudes toward mobility. However, device security is a key requirement of any federal enterprise mobility strategy. Today’s native mobile device management features cannot keep up with sophisticated cyber attacks, and in order to properly manage and secure the device, agencies must also secure the network, content, email, browsing, and applications within the devices

Secure sensitive apps and content

All government agencies are required to meet the various mandates regarding security, mobility, and high availability that have been instituted by the federal government. As new mobile workflows are introduced to meet these mandates, devices and access points need to be tightly managed to ensure that sensitive data remains secure.

Mobilize field operations

Mobile devices enable all types of field workers, from FEMA employees to front-line mission-critical personnel, access applications seamlessly as well as improve response time and reporting from the field. They also improve employee productivity, which results in cost savings. But accessing sensitive data on mobile devices comes with its own set of problems. Without a robust solution to ensure that security is not compromised, adoption of mobility will be difficult.

Support BYOD

Beyond government mandates and directives, many federal agencies are looking at BYOD as a means to achieve capex savings and reduce IT support costs while giving their employees choice in selecting their mobile devices. With BYOD, agencies must ensure that mobile devices can securely access government data and applications while preserving personal content and maintaining employee privacy. MobileIron simplifies management across the many operating systems and device types and enables government agencies to use a single platform to secure all their mobile devices. MobileIron has demonstrated innovation by obtaining patents for BYOD privacy technology that allow for selective wipe and management of mobile device data in an enterprise environment. In addition, MobileIron offers zero-day support for the latest OS and related mobility updates. 

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