Mobility has become tablestakes in the financial services industry. From banking and capital markets to insurance companies, organizations across the board are looking to increase profitability while reducing risk. Ways to increase profitability include reducing costs, quickly bringing new offers or services to market, attracting new customers, and transacting faster. Mobility is seen as an enabler to do all of this.

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Mobile First retail branch

Traditional bank branches were previously modeled to optimize the customer’s most frequent transactions – get cash, deposit a check, and/or make a payment. But consumers are no longer using the branches for those purposes. Since 2006, the percentage of customers using a branch to withdraw cash or deposit a check has declined by 50%. Most people increasingly use online and mobile channels to accomplish those tasks. Instead, customers now visit bank branches to research new products and to talk to a banker regarding their financial needs.

MobileIron solutions for financial services helps organizations build a Mobile First retail branch that can enable:

  • Customer First workflows, built around customer needs
  • Bankers equipped with secure mobile devices to get real-time financial data and meet the needs of the customers at their own pace
  • Digital signage and kiosk devices to showcase context-relevant marketing information and customer self-serve options
  • Faster product rollout and employee training on bank offerings
UEM for Financial Services by MobileIron
UEM for Banks & Financial Institutions by MobileIron

Secure email and financial data

Security of financial data is paramount in the financial services industry. The workforce, which ranges from financial advisors and wealth management professionals to executives and sales teams, is increasingly mobile. And mobility is a requirement for most business units in the financial services organizations. Users are typically geographically dispersed and need constant access to corporate data in order to do their jobs. As new mobile workflows are introduced to satisfy employee requirements for connectivity, devices and access points need to be tightly secured and managed to ensure that customer data is protected. Any breach in security attracts heavy fines and results in loss of reputation.

MobileIron helps financial services organizations:

  • Meet strict regulatory guidelines and adhere to compliance mandates while enabling the workforce to be mobile
  • Securely adopt and support cloud storage for easy yet secure sharing of data
  • Support activity tracking and compliance tools to ensure organizations not only create controls, but also stay in compliance

Improve productivity with BYOD

Mobile technologies help employees collaborate easily and instantaneously. They also help boost productivity and enhance flexibility by enabling constant access to documents from any device. With the proliferation of device types and operating systems, organizations are looking to support the BYOD model to avoid high internal IT support costs.

MobileIron helps financial services firms manage and support all device types in their organization, giving bank employees freedom of choice while also giving IT confidence that sensitive data will be secure. By keeping personal and corporate data separated on the mobile device, with a containerized approach to delivering applications and content across multiple mobile OS vendors, MobileIron ensures that personal data is left untouched while corporate data is never compromised.

BYOD Security for Banks, Financial Institutions and Financial Services by MobileIron