CJIS compliance on mobile
CJIS compliance on mobile

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Do you meet the requirements for mobile CJIS compliance?

Ensure devices are managed with MDM

  • Push the latest OS and other security updates to devices through MDM.
  • Prevent CJI from being copied or shared with personal or unauthorized apps on the device.
  • Prevent users from installing risky or blacklisted apps on the device.

Lock down lost or stolen devices

  • Remotely lock the device to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Wipe CJI apps and data from lost or stolen devices.
  • Block access to apps and data from compromised devices.

Enforce security settings

  • Ensure only devices enrolled in MDM can access CJI.
  • Prevent users from modifying or deleting security settings on the device.
  • Lock down the device after a certain number of failed access attempts.

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