TX Logistik AG switches to MobileIron and Samsung Knox

MUNICH, Nov. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The pan-European rail logistics company TX Logistik AG is dropping BlackBerry and switching to a multi-OS platform with MobileIron (NASDAQ: MOBL). According to the company, they trust MobileIron's "great Android competence" to safely manage a large number of Samsung Knox devices and business apps.

TX Logistik AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Italian State Railways, will drop the BlackBerry platform, which it introduced in 2005 to manage mobile devices and apps. The company will switch to Samsung Knox in a transition that is set to be complete by March 2015. For its enterprise mobility management (EMM), TX Logistik AG will use the MobileIron platform, which will securely manage mobile email, personal information management (PIM) data, and business apps. For example, the rail logistics company is piloting an Android app that processes orders for service providers and employees. This app will ensure that drivers always have access to real-time information about order processing. The scheduling of rolling stock will also become available on mobile devices.

"After an evaluation period of one and a half months, TX Logistik along with longtime partner Orbit GmbH selected the MobileIron platform because it is clearly leading the competitive field, especially when it comes to Android competence," explains Karsten van Bergerem, Department Manager IT Operation at TX Logistik AG. The EMM specialist started integrating powerful encryption solutions into the Android world early on, he says, then improved app security with the AppConnect containerization technology. Thanks to tight integration with Samsung Knox, MobileIron covers virtually all areas of the mobile world - from email and PIM to document, browser and app security. MobileIron leaves little to be desired for a company like TX Logistik.

"These features are even more important when devices are used for private purposes," says van Bergerem. While TX Logistik AG allows only corporate-owned devices, employees can use them privately within a defined framework. "But the security is only one aspect that made us choose MobileIron," explains the head of IT Operation at TX Logistik AG, adding that the IT department also liked the easy-to-understand management console, simplicity of administration, multi-level administration capabilities ("Delegated Admin"), and the MobileIron platform's overall look and feel.

About MobileIron MobileIron (NASDAQ: MOBL) helps organizations worldwide become successful Mobile First organizations. More information is available online: www.mobileiron.com.

About TX Logistik AG Founded in Bad Honnef in 1999, TXLOGISTIK AG (TXL) has become one of Europe's largest transport companies for rail freight in Europe. TXL operates with licenses in nine European countries (Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and France). TXL designs boundless transportation networks, develops freight transport concepts and provides industry-specific solutions from A to Z. In terms of combined transport, we replace this traditional division of labor in rail freight by modern and sleek solutions from a single source.

The company transports mainly on the European North-South axis and provides the full range of rail freight, including container transport, combined transport, finished vehicle distribution and conventional freight traffic. TXL's intermodal land transport happens mainly on the north-south corridors between Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux and Austria/Italy. The result: TXL moves about 20,000 trains each year from Germany, the hub of Europe's flow of goods, through Europe. Economically and sustainably. TXL consistently takes advantage of the opportunities presented by an increasingly open rail transport market and can therefore provide new impetus to the rail freight industry as part of the international transit system.

Orbit GmbH Orbit GmbH is a medium-sized IT services and trading company for complex IT solutions based in Bonn. The company has approximately 130 employees and is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom Group. Orbit specialists develop and implement software solutions, including mobile solutions.

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