Rosendin Electric Transforms Construction with Mobile Apps

MobileIron Platform Supports Mobile First Transformation

Mountain View, Calif. – July 8, 2014 – Rosendin Electric, the nation’s largest private electrical contractor, has selected MobileIron as the foundation for its Mobile First initiatives. Rosendin Electric is a 90-year old company that has grown from a local San Jose business to a global enterprise with over 5,000 employees. Having worked with the some of the most innovative technology firms in the world, Rosendin Electric prides itself on setting the standard for its industry and looks to employees for new ideas and innovation. For CIO Sam Lamonica this means making mobile a central computing platform to enable Rosendin Electric’s employees to be more efficient and productive in the field.

Can’t Even Give Away Laptops
“Mobile technology for the construction industry has skyrocketed in the last several years and I can’t even give away laptops,” said Sam Lamonica, Rosendin Electric CIO. “Our people work in all sorts of remote regions so we needed to create a Mobile First environment where employees could choose their own devices, a CYOD model that would support all the latest devices on any of the carriers. We also knew we were going to be supporting mobile apps.”

To select an enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendor, Lamonica sent people to mobility conferences and CIO strategy councils. The company put together a list of requirements and one of the most important was that the system be easy for both IT and end-users. A real concern was dealing with lost devices and the team needed the wipe process to be simple and straightforward.

“We chose MobileIron because we found their technology provided a better experience, especially for early versions of Android,” continued Lamonica. “It was also clear to us that MobileIron was really committed to making our project successful. The true sign of a solid vendor is that they work with you through the bumps in the road. That gives me the confidence that they will be there for us in any situation.”

Innovation with Mobile Apps
With MobileIron underpinning Rosendin Electric’s mobility initiatives, Lamonica’s team moved to enabling employees with apps. In addition to using public apps from companies like Autodesk, Rosendin Electric built mobile apps with the company’s suppliers and field operations. When a purchasing agent orders supplies, a QR code is created that tracks the supplies in real-time from when they leave a supplier to when they get to the jobsite. This has significantly reduced a pre-mobile problem of materials being delivered to the wrong site. Another app enables pre-task planning, so a project leader can walk a jobsite with a tablet and define everything needed for the job including labor, tools, and equipment. The leader can quickly distribute the information to all the groups who are responsible for supplying the jobsite: purchasing agents, tools manager, and equipment yard.

Rosendin Electric is also starting to work with Microsoft Surface tablets. “Many of the tools that our employees need are Windows-based and we’re excited about the possibilities of the Surface tablet,” said Lamonica.

“Rosendin Electric has been growing fast and we can’t manage our mobile deployments through brute force,” said Lamonica. “I’d rather be in the CEO’s office forcing him to use password than explaining why we lost intellectual property. With MobileIron, we have a partner we can count on as we make mobile our primary computing platform.”

About MobileIron
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Clarissa Horowitz