MobileIron and Google to Bring MobileIron AppConnect to Android for Work

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- MobileIron (NASDAQ: MOBL), the leader in mobile enterprise security, today announced that it is working with Google to bring the MobileIron AppConnect framework to the Android for Work platform.

Google's release of Android for Work earlier this year delivered a unified way to secure enterprise apps, and to separate work and personal data on Android V5.0 using an EMM platform like MobileIron. On Android V5.0, the combination of MobileIron and Android for Work allowed Android apps to be installed and run in a secure workspace on the device without any modification to those apps. Because the security controls are at the OS-level, they can be applied to any app running on that OS.

However, many organizations have devices running prior versions of Android, specifically V4.0 to V4.4. These devices do not have Android for Work security controls at the OS-level, so Google recently released the Android for Work App. This standalone app provides a secure workspace into which other enterprise apps can be installed and therefore protected from unauthorized access. However, this cannot be done without modification to the app itself.

MobileIron AppConnect containerizes apps to protect corporate data-at-rest without touching personal data. The result is that each app becomes a secure container whose data is encrypted, protected from unauthorized access, and removable. By extending MobileIron AppConnect to the Android for Work app, developers will be able to deploy any AppConnect-enabled app in the secure workspace of the Android for Work App. Because AppConnect already has an extensive ecosystem of third-party and in-house apps using the framework, this expansion can dramatically increase the number of apps that can be secured through Android for Work on existing Android devices.

"Google and MobileIron will make Android for Work the security baseline for not only devices running Android V5.0, but also the millions running older versions." said Bob Tinker, CEO, MobileIron. "This announcement charts the path to an integrated, consistent app security strategy across Android using MobileIron."

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