City of Stockholm Makes Mobile a New Way of Life

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- For the City of Stockholm, with 930,000 citizens and an economy that revolves around service-related jobs, secure mobile access to city data is essential to the smooth delivery of government services. When the City of Stockholm decided to focus on enabling its workers with mobile apps and devices, it turned to MobileIron, the leader in mobile enterprise security, to securely manage almost 60,000 employee devices.

"After reviewing the leading enterprise mobility management products on the market, and with the help of our technology partners Tieto & EVRY, we chose MobileIron to securely equip our employees with mobile access to city data and corporate apps to streamline cumbersome processes. Our new mobile strategy has transformed daily government tasks across all sectors," said Constantinos Amiridis, IT Strategist, City of Stockholm.

Increasing quality of service, whilst protecting sensitive data
"Working with MobileIron has ensured the protection of sensitive city data, which has boosted productivity and improved the quality and breadth of services that we can provide. Governmental departments across the board have benefited from the city's mobile transformation," said Amiridis.

The city's deployed tablets throughout schools means teachers can now access MobileIron's corporate app store to distribute apps to teachers, enhancing the quality of education students receive.

"With MobileIron, we've been able to enforce security policies and put hundreds of apps right at teachers' fingertips, all without them requiring any special technology training," explained Amiridis.

Mobilising employees boosts productivity
The City has also used mobile technology to streamline how water inspectors and cemetery workers do their jobs.

"Water inspectors can now create work orders in seconds using an iPad app secured through MobileIron's AppConnect. This eliminates 300 hours a year in journeys between sites and the office simply to input work orders in the city's computer systems. Similarly, cemetery workers have gained 75 hours a year from the ability to securely use smartphones to photograph, document results of site inspections and then update central systems," said Amiridis.

"Once you've embraced the mobile way of life, you don't want to slow down," said Amiridis. "We're confident that MobileIron will continue to help us increase the mobility of our employees in ways that translate to better service for our citizens."

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