Buurtzorg Takes the Pain out of Healthcare with MobileIron Cloud

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Buurtzorg is a Dutch healthcare organization known for its innovative approach to providing in-home medical services. The company employs more than 10,000 nurses to help patients with chronic illnesses stay in their homes or recuperate at home more quickly after hospitalization. Today, Buurtzorg uses MobileIron Cloud to secure and manage more than 8,000 iPads and to deploy a custom app that provides access to critical services such as patient recordkeeping, business administration, and payroll.

"Nurses love the simplicity and efficiency of mobile now that they have shifted to recording everything on an iPad. They no longer have to write everything down or drive to the office to complete paperwork. This mobile work style shortens employees' daily routines by about 10 percent; time which they now spend focused on delivering healthcare services. Mobile devices secured by MobileIron Cloud allows them to spend more time with clients which is what they need and want to do most," says Jos de Blok, CEO and co-founder of Buurtzorg.

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MobileIron provides the remedy for a mobile healthcare solution
To improve the security, speed, and accuracy of patient recordkeeping, Buurtzorg launched a pilot mobility program by equipping a few nurses with iPads to take on their rounds. The company initially chose AirWatch to help manage the deployment, however Buurtzorg was looking for a partner with a local office and support for better customer service and communication. As a result, Buurtzorg switched to MobileIron Cloud to provide the enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution it needed.

The initial pilot program with MobileIron was very successful, so Buurtzorg decided to move all of its now over 8,000 iPad devices to MobileIron Cloud. The company currently uses MobileIron Cloud to securely manage all of these devices and enforce security measures such as password policies and remote device wipe in case a device is ever lost or stolen. With MobileIron Cloud, the company can enforce security policies across the entire mobile fleet to ensure devices stay up-to-date with the most current privacy regulations.

Device setup shrinks from hours to minutes with Apple DEP
Buurtzorg is now able to order devices that are fully configured by enrolling them through the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and MobileIron Cloud. IT admins can quickly set up multiple devices and configure the Buurtzorg app, email, security policies, and more. Prior to MobileIron Cloud and DEP, configuring devices was a time-consuming process. Now devices can be set up in minutes and mailed to the employee so they can start working as soon as they power on their devices.

Buurtzorg also maintains a company app store through MobileIron Cloud. Each device runs several public healthcare apps, which have been fully vetted by the company's IT department. Out in the field, healthcare workers need access to information about pharmaceuticals, illnesses such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, and other issues related to healthcare. There are so many apps available in the public App Store, but not all of them provide the best information or user experience.

"With MobileIron, we can administer a company app store so employees can access company-approved healthcare apps. Plus, MobileIron Cloud and DEP enable us to install all the apps immediately instead of one at a time, which saves us tremendous amounts of time," said Jeffrey Scholten, Buurtzorg's trusted adviser at Ecare Telecom & Cloud Services, which provides the company's core business apps and IT services.

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