Australian Bureau of Statistics Transforms 2016 Census with MobileIron

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- MobileIron (NASDAQ:MOBL), the stand-alone enterprise mobility management (EMM) leader, today announced that the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) armed 33,000 Field Officers with the Mobile Collect App, a custom app for tracking which households needed to be contacted for the 2016 national census. The app was securely deployed by MobileIron with the help of technology partner Mobile Mentor across thousands of BYOD and agency-owned devices.

"We needed a secure, simple, and scalable way to deploy our app to a broad range of Android and iOS devices. Most of the devices were owned by Field Officers, so we needed to be transparent about the information we would be using so that workers would feel comfortable enrolling the app on their personal devices," said Ved Gupta, Assistant Director of the Census 2016, Technology Services Division. "We looked at a lot of solutions, but MobileIron and Mobile Mentor gave the best value for our money."

MobileIron Helps Modernize an Age-Old Process

For the 2016 national Census, a majority of households received a letter with a unique login to complete the census online. In most areas, the letters were delivered through regular mail service. In other areas, Field Officers were assigned to deliver forms in person.

ABS wanted to leverage the power of mobility to simplify the workload while increasing data quality and efficiency. Census workers were equipped with a custom mobile app, designed to simplify delivery and follow-up. It was critical for the mobile app to perform well on a range of devices and also provide instructions if workers encountered problems in the field.

As a Field Officer delivered a form, the bar code on the form was scanned into the app, which automatically recorded the form and delivery date against the dwelling. The mobile app not only eliminated error-prone and time-consuming manual data entry, it also enabled Field Officers to know exactly when and where forms were delivered so follow-ups could be undertaken if needed.

ABS Realizes Major Time, Cost, and Resource Savings

By utilizing the mobile app, the ABS estimated that it significantly increased field staff efficiency, improved management information available on the field operation, and reduced paper waste.

"Thanks to MobileIron, ABS' new mobile application dramatically improved our access to management information on the collection activity and worker efficiency," said Gupta. "We would be happy to work with MobileIron on our future mobility initiatives."

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