Secure Office 365 MDM with MobileIron

Office 365 apps are a powerful business productivity solution. Employees are increasingly using Office 365 on mobile devices instead of traditional PCs. As a result, Office 365 has become a core part of mobile app strategies and organizations are actively looking for Office 365 mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

What IT teams need is a central platform that provides a consistent security and policy framework across all mobile apps, including Microsoft Office 365. The MobileIron app security model designed to secure app distribution, protect data-at-rest and protect data-in-motion, can be applied to Office 365 mobile apps providing IT with a consistent and scalable approach to mobile app security. This is beyond the Office 365 MDM capabilities available with Office 365 subscriptions.

Office 365

Distribute Office 365 apps securely

iOS mobile device


  • Configure email/PIM as a Managed Account and all Office 365 apps as Managed Apps
  • Enforce the Open In DLP control for business apps and email
  • Selectively wipe all Office 365 apps plus email and PIM data from the mobile device
Android O365


  • Configure native email and PIM in the Android enterprise container
  • Configure the Android enterprise container, which also holds the Office 365 apps, with DLP controls, such as screen capture and copy/paste restrictions
  • Quarantine or selectively wipe the Android enterprise container, removing email, PIM, and business apps including Office 365 apps
Email O365


  • MobileIron Sentry provides IT with full visibility into which devices are connecting to ActiveSync
  • Sentry provides posture and identity based access control preventing ActiveSync access on unregistered devices
  • Sentry secures the email connection through two-phased authentication to safeguard against devices connecting to email on untrusted networks
Apps and O365


  • MobileIron Tunnel is the iOS per app VPN solution that provides secure tunneling and access control for all managed iOS apps, including Office 365
  • Android enterprise will provide similar support, using a per container VPN

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