With MobileIron, Varian Medical Systems Employees Can Be Productive “Wherever, Whenever”

Industry: Pharmaceutical

"Being able to give employees a wide range of helpful apps from the moment they register their devices helps us to know that we’re truly enhancing productivity, not putting up roadblocks."

Brandon Ly, Application Manager, Varian Medical Systems 

Varian Medical Systems focuses energy on saving lives by equipping the world with advanced technology for fighting cancer and for X-ray imaging. The company is the world's leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions with radiotherapy, radiosurgery, proton therapy, and brachytherapy. Varian Medical Systems employs approximately 6,800 people at manufacturing sites in North America, Europe, and China as well as 70 sales and support offices around the world.

Seeking ways to help employees maximize their productivity no matter where they happen to be working, Varian recently implemented a MobileIron enterprise mobility management (EMM) system. With MobileIron, Varian has given its global workforce faster, easier access to information and applications without putting sensitive corporate data at risk. In addition, Varian employees appreciate the ability to register their own devices within a few clicks—and to avoid lugging cumbersome laptops along with them on customer visits.

Employees Register Devices in Just a Few Clicks

When it comes to beating cancer, Varian Medical Systems has a global outlook. The company knows its life-saving technologies are needed everywhere, and so it sends out its employees to all corners of the globe to run manufacturing facilities, staff its offices, and serve partners and customers.

When Varian noticed that its employees were increasingly relying on mobile devices in their personal and professional lives, the company recognized an opportunity to increase productivity. Still, Varian was rightly concerned about the security of its most sensitive data.

“We needed a foundation to manage and secure employees’ mobile devices so that our data wouldn't be put at risk,” says Brandon Ly, Application Manager, Varian Medical Systems. “But we also wanted to enable our in-house development team to start creating mobile apps that would dramatically improve the productivity of our staff as they travel the globe to deliver life-saving technologies.”

Varian began to evaluate leading MDM solutions such as AirWatch, ZenMobile, SAP Afaria, and Good Technology. But in the end, only one solution met all of Varian’s requirements: MobileIron.

“We ran our evaluation with a typical scorecard approach and ranked the vendors based on what they could deliver,” recalls Ly. “MobileIron was the only one that met or exceeded all of our requirements. We were especially impressed that MobileIron was the one vendor that had a plan for letting mobile employees securely access data behind the corporate firewall.”

Another key consideration for Varian was the ease of registering devices. With a veteran workforce that varies in technical savvy, Varian didn’t want the mobile device registration process to be any more complex than necessary. MobileIron’s integration with ServiceNow allowed Varian to establish a portal that lets employees order their corporate-issued devices with just a few clicks.

“We specifically tested the MobileIron-ServiceNow integration before our go-live and were delighted with the results,” says Ly. “Now when an employee needs to order a phone, they can just go to the portal to order their device and then select to register their device with MobileIron. From there, they simply download the MobileIron client to get started on their device. Our approach to provisioning and registering devices has saved us many hours of end-user training with a single interface.”

Productivity Increases “Wherever, Whenever”

Varian’s MobileIron implementation now supports a pro-mobile corporate culture in which employees expect to be able to access email, corporate data, and productivity-enhancing applications from anywhere. MobileIron helps Varian’s IT staff make sure that any devices that try to access corporate resources are compliant with the company’s mobile policies. Employees in virtually every job function are benefiting from the increased access—but Varian’s field engineers may be the biggest beneficiaries as the company ramps up development of specialized apps.

“For years, our field engineers had to carry clunky laptops onto customer sites,” explains Ly. “Today, they can carry tablets and iPhones and do anything they need to do. Being able to give employees a wide range of helpful apps from the moment they register their devices helps us to know that we’re truly enhancing productivity, not putting up roadblocks.”

Whether they’re on a Varian campus, at a customer site, or riding a train home from work, Varian employees are using their mobile apps to answer emails, approve time cards, and even access documents behind the corporate firewall. MobileIron Docs@Work ensures that employees can access documents on Microsoft SharePoint without putting sensitive company data at risk. In addition, MobileIron Tunnel helps Varian ensure that only specific authorized business apps can access corporate resources behind the firewall. An example of this is Qlikview, a business intelligence tool that helps business end users run and create dashboards quickly on their mobile devices using corporate data that resides behind the firewall.

Although Varian only issues iOS devices, many employees who participate in the company’s BYOD program have elected to register other types of devices. MobileIron makes it easy for the company to manage and secure virtually any type of device so that employees can work the way they want to work.

“When it comes to mobility, our motto these days is ‘wherever, whenever, whatever,’” says Ly. “We don’t have to be the gatekeeper—MobileIron handles the security side of things. That allows us to encourage greater productivity from our employees no matter where they happen to be.”

Serving Up Information to a Mobilized Workforce

With MobileIron, Varian manages thousands of mobile devices while fielding a minimal number of service tickets from employees. To streamline the process of granting access privileges to mobile users, Varian has integrated MobileIron with ClearPass Access Management System in Europe and plans to roll out the same technology in the U.S. This automated approach to security will continue to save time for Varian as it shifts to an information-on-demand mindset.

“Our company’s technology strategy is going more and more towards the cloud,” says Ly. “By letting our employees access more applications and data in the cloud, we’re enabling them to be productive ‘wherever, whenever’—and MobileIron is essential to our strategy.”

Key Benefits:
  • Allow greater access to information for employees in virtually every job function around the globe
  • Enable mobile employees to access sensitive documents from beyond the firewall
  • Free field engineers from the burden of carrying laptops onto customer sites
  • Let technology-challenged employees register their own mobile devices with just a few clicks
Why Mobileiron:
  • Met or exceeded all evaluation requirements
  • Ability to let mobile employees securely access corporate data
  • Ease of registering mobile devices
  • Integration with ServiceNow
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