UniCredit Invests in a mobile future with MobileIron solutions

Industry: Financial services and insurance

"MobileIron makes it possible to communicate more intimately with our biggest accounts, without security being an issue."

Christoph Wagner , Vice President, Head of GCC Core Technologies, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions 

UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions is UniCredit’s global services company created from the integration and consolidation of 16 Group companies and dedicated to providing services in the sectors of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Back Office and Middle Office, Real Estate, Security and Procurement.

It is one of the first service companies to be created at a Pan-European level and its aim is to consolidate and reorganize the operational activities necessary to the correct functioning of the Group’s business by leveraging on a more flexible delivery and improved response times. The Company includes about 10.000 people and oversees activities in 11 countries.

For financial services companies the key considerations are privacy and security. With iPad usage increasing among its managers and customers, UniCredit needed a way to provide secure access to corporate content and information. UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions implemented the MobileIron enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform to manage and secure the use of devices across 20 countries in ways that lead to better customer service and provide strategic customers with secure tablets to communicate with their advisors at the bank.

New device presents new challenges

When the iPad hit the market, many members of UniCredit’s management team became early adopters, presenting the company with a data security challenge. “We started seeing iPads in the workplace the very same week the device was launched on the market” explains Christoph Wagner, Vice President, Head of GCC Core Technologies, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions. “But we immediately realized that they wouldn’t be secure enough for business use unless we found a way to manage them. For that reason we also asked NTT DATA, Global IT Innovator, our long-term IT partner to support us in this challenge.”

Since UniCredit’s managers expressed the need to send email and access company resources on their iPads, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions was required to find a platform to secure data on the devices without losing the native user experience of the tablet. In early 2011, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions began evaluating its options. The Company wanted a solution that could support multiple mobile platforms, delivered by a reliable company. Furthermore any solution needed to be rolled out quickly because UniCredit’s mobile device usage was becoming massive.

After evaluating leading provider solutions, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions has entrusted MobileIron.

Fast go-live supports aggressive timeline

Asking to get an EMM platform up and to roll-out the solution in a very prompt way “MobileIron told me that they’ve rolled out solutions in as little as half a day,” recalls Wagner. “I was amazed by that answer. We went live in a week, which enabled us to meet our very tight deadline.”

MobileIron’s implementation for the Company occurred just ahead of a new wave of iPads that UniCredit employees started using in early 2012. Today, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions manages both iOS and Android devices on its MobileIron platform allowing approximately 200 managers to use an app to connect securely with the Company’s SharePoint site on the go.

As UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions works to protect UniCredit’s data worldwide, the Group must navigate different data security requirements across the 20 countries where the bank does business.

“MobileIron gives us greater control of both our stringent Company-wide security guidelines and of the many local policies that are just as important for us to observe and enforce,” Wagner remarks.

Giving top customers a direct channel of communication

With its MobileIron system in place, UniCredit takes advantage of mobile technology to increase the productivity and effectiveness of its workforce. Shortly after going live on MobileIron, UniCredit Banca equipped its Private Banking division with 350 iPads to support employees who can now provide fast, personal consultation services to customers.

In another Private Banking initiative, UniCredit Strategic Marketing designed an app for the Galaxy S4 to enhance the relationship between some of UniCredit’s most important customers and their Private Bankers. Customers have direct access to their advisor thanks to the ability to do a one click video call with the advisor and through other specific services such as a cloud storage app, financial news and online banking which allows them to get everything needed for financial decisions and transactions using one homogeneous interface. UniCredit distributes these in-house apps through MobileIron Apps@work.

“MobileIron makes it possible to communicate more intimately with our biggest accounts without security being an issue,” says Wagner. “If the pilot program is successful, we could plan to spread it to thousands of users.”

Preparing for greater employee choice

In supporting the ability of UniCredit employees to be increasingly mobile, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions has identified its next frontier: BYOD. Wagner and his team are laying the foundation for launching a BYOD program that meets the bank’s legal and security requirements. The goal is to be able to roll it out to all of UniCredit. In early 2014, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions plans to launch a pilot BYOD program for iOS users through a platform from Divide, a MobileIron technology partner. An Android pilot program will follow.

“BYOD programs often motivate more employees to carry mobile devices with them, which helps them to be more productive and to provide better service,” Wagner concludes. “As our enterprise mobility management platform of choice, MobileIron along with our IT partner NTT DATA will enable us to manage and secure whatever iOS and Android devices UniCredit employees choose to bring into the workplace.”

Key Benefits:
  • Enforce local security requirements across 20 countries
  • Provide a secure mobile connection to the corporate SharePoint site
  • Allow consultants in the Private Banking division to use secure iPads providing faster and more personal service
  • Give important customers secure tablets as direct channel of communication with their advisors
  • Build a security infrastructure for future BYOD programs
Why Mobileiron:
  • Support for multiple mobile platforms
  • Ability to adapt to a fast-moving market
  • Speed of deployment