TVH Truly Goes Mobile with MobileIron Solutions

Industry: Manufacturing

"MobileIron supports our app strategy by providing us with the technology foundation for a secure company app store with the ability to push apps out to employees automatically."

Kalman Tiboldi , Chief Business Innovation, OfficerTVH 

TVH Group, a Belgian company, is a worldwide market leader in replacement parts and accessories for material-handling industrial and agricultural equipment, new and second-hand forklifts, aerial platforms and internal handling equipment. TVH also operates a large fleet of equipment offering rental services across Europe. Headquartered along the E17 in the West-Flemish city of Waregem, TVH has 4,300 employees worldwide who do business in 32 native languages.

The company’s “TVH Goes Mobile” initiative required a robust enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform, which could support employee-owned devices as well as manage and secure mobile applications. The company found its solution in MobileIron. With MobileIron, TVH launched a successful Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, built an enterprise app store that gives employees easy access to productivity apps, and automated the process of giving employees and guests the right level of mobile network access.

Real-Time Enterprise Goes Mobile

The more quickly TVH understands its customers’ needs, the more quickly it can respond. This rapid response results in a wealth of business benefits from happier customers to increased sales. That means TVH must operate as a real-time enterprise. And it is using mobile to get there.

TVH recognized the business value of mobilizing its employees earlier than most of its peers. As early as 2004, the company was using wireless technology to increase employee productivity within TVH facilities. In 2011, the company launched the TVH Goes Mobile initiative—a concerted effort to get mobile devices into the hands of as many employees as could benefit from them. As part of the project, TVH aimed to migrate off the BlackBerry platform and embrace the iOS and Android platforms. This required TVH to make specific decisions about which devices it would allow on the network and which business applications it would enable for mobile devices. TVH Goes Mobile also required the company to think more seriously about data security.

“We realized early on that we would need a powerful ally to accomplish our aggressive mobility goals. We needed a solution that would allow us to move beyond device management to security for applications and content.” recalls Kalman Tiboldi, Chief Business Innovation Officer at TVH. “It was clear that MobileIron and reseller Mobco truly understand how to make companies successful with mobile.”

After evaluating a range of EMM solutions including AirWatch, TVH chose MobileIron for its ability to containerize corporate data, support multiple operating systems, and form a deep partnership with each client. The company went live with the help of Belgian technology partner Mobco.


“With MobileIron, we found more than a technology solution,” explains Tiboldi. “We formed a partnership with a company that supports us in our innovation. And any time we want to implement new features, our local partner Mobco is there to help us through the technical aspects of the deployment.”

"Based on our experience in the financial services industry, we were able to help TVH in providing the best security possible for their email traffic without impacting the user experience,” says Ulrik Van Schepdael, CEO, Mobco. “In all our projects, we balance security, user experience, and operational excellence. It means we provide IT the tools to manage and secure a broad range of devices with less effort. At the same time, we provide the user an experience that goes beyond their expectations. At Mobco, our mobile experts build the architecture and integrate the tools to respond to these challenges."

BYOD Increases Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Today, TVH manages hundreds of iOS and Android mobile devices on the MobileIron platform. The company was able to easily configure nine different security profiles to ensure that employees are granted the appropriate level access to company resources without putting sensitive data at risk. Company representatives appreciate the ability to make presentations on their secure iPads as they travel around the world winning new business for TVH.

“The MobileIron platform gives us the flexibility to create user profiles that keep corporate data safe,” says Tiboldi. “A service engineer who’s visiting our customers might need one level of access to the network, while a middle manager who’s mostly working in an office might need another. With MobileIron, it’s easy to give everyone exactly what they need without threatening data security.”

TVH used MobileIron to implement a BYOD program that maximizes employee productivity and satisfaction while containing IT costs. As employees join the program, the system automatically creates a role-based security profile that keeps their devices secure.  

“Whether devices are company-issued or employee-purchased, MobileIron helps us keep our data protected both over the airwaves and on the devices,” says Tiboldi. “The container-based encryption keeps stored data from being consumed by the wrong people if a device is lost or stolen.”

Company App Store Takes the Office Anywhere

With a reliable EMM platform in place and the TVH Goes Mobile initiative in full swing, TVH is now focusing on increasing employee productivity by making a wide range of custom-developed and third-party apps available in a company app store powered by MobileIron [email protected] Employees can easily download apps for email, calendar, collaboration, and job-specific tasks. A Salesforce app keeps TVH’s sales representatives productive on the road, while Cloud based Zscaler integrated with MobileIron, enforces security and ensures that employees have appropriate levels of mobile access to the Internet.

“The MobileIron secure container enables us separate corporate application content from personal data,” says Tiboldi. “This gives us the freedom to let employees use their favorite productivity apps and work the way they choose.”

One custom-developed app lets TVH’s service engineers log their daily activities as they work. This gives the company a real-time view of what goods and services its workforce is delivering to customers. Buoyed by its early success with custom-developed apps, TVH plans to ramp up development of HTML5 apps that will work across mobile platforms.

“About 85% of our daily activity as a company involves the Internet, so developing more mobile apps is a top priority for us,” explains Tiboldi. “MobileIron supports our app strategy by providing us with the technology foundation for a secure company app store with the ability to push apps out to employees automatically.”

A Partnership for a Changing Mobile World

As employees and guests continue to connect their mobile devices to TVH’s network, the company is confident that its data is protected. Its Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) implementation integrates with MobileIron to help recognize employee devices and assign them the network permissions best suited for their needs. TVH plans to replace its VPN connections with MobileIron AppConnect to make secure mobile access easy for its employees and partners.

“It’s an evolving mobile world, and we’re trying to stay ahead of the curve,” concludes Tiboldi. “MobileIron delivers excellent value by enabling us to maintain control over the entire mobile landscape of our global enterprise.”

Products and Features:
Key Benefits:
  • Launch a BYOD program to maximize employee satisfaction
  • Give employees easy access to apps that increase their productivity
  • Automatically give employees and guests the right level of mobile access to the network
  • Configure detailed security profiles to support specific device usage patterns
Why Mobileiron:
  • Willingness to form a partnership for ongoing innovation
  • Support for multiple mobile operating systems
  • Ability to containerize corporate data
  • Integration with Cisco ISE